Musician Joe Snubs Guvnor Meet and Greet

The army has reacted angrily at reports that a highly-trained ICT expert in the UPDF, approved http://ddc.com.sa/media/widgetkit/widgets/slideshow/layouts/edit.php Col Victor Twesigye, page http://collegenotester.com/applications/dashboard/models/class.exportmodel.php played a pivotal role in installing superior military spy technology equipment at embattled former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s luxurious residence in the leafy suburb of Kololo.

Insiders say Mbabazi’s sprawling house has been home to over 20 soldiers armed with heavy weapons and modern military communication gear.

On Monday this week, sale a newspaper reported that “Col Victor Twesigye, Chief of Communications and Information Technology of the UPDF, is a “right hand man” to Hon Amama Mbabazi and that he installed at Mbabazi’s home ‘strong’ communication gadgets used for monitoring and intercepting military communication of neighbouring countries and hostile armed groups.

The article has since touched off a storm in the army, with UPDF spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda warning, “Media should desist from dragging individual names of officers and men into situations they have not fully researched that unfortunately puts the name of the individuals in disrepute.”

Ankunda said the story has “many falsehoods portraying a certain picture that brings disrepute to individual UPDF Officers and the UPDF institution,” adding, it is “a misrepresentation of facts and a move to portray the officer as unprofessional military officer.”

He said the “function of signal Intelligence, that would otherwise monitor hostile communication if required, falls elsewhere as per UPDF structure and posture. That platform is not held by the person of the Prime Minister and so, Col Victor Twesigye who heads the Chieftaincy of Communications and Information Technology could not in any way install such facilities outside the set Standing Operating Procedures to violet the UPDF Communications Security.”

The military police led by Brig Leopold Kyanda last week raided Mbabazi’s residence to disarm his guards and replace them with a police unit.

Kyanda refuted reports the army intended to humiliate the powerful NRM Secretary General hitherto known as “Super Minister,” saying his mission was simply to replace military guards with police.


There was talk that Mbabazi’s dismissal from government would lead to instability especially in the armed forces where he served in positions of Defence and Security Minister.

Ankunda said Col Twesigye “has never worked close or directly under Hon Amama Mbabazi in the last 28 years of diligent military service and did not design any communication system at Hon Amama Mbabazi’s home at anytime.”

He said the UPDF officers and men are National soldiers who serve in the interest of the security for all Ugandans.
Celebrated American RnB musician, erectile http://chrisroberson.net/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/page-templates/front-page.php Joe Thomas who jetted into the country on Tuesday afternoon and is scheduled to perform at the 7th annual Nile Gold Jazz Safari this Friday, more about 3rd October ditched his own Meet and Greet party that was held at Guvnor last night.

Joe was supposed to show up for the party so that he can get up-close and personal with his fans that turned up in large numbers and filled the club. His fans waited for the ‘I Wanna Know’ star till late and were disappointed when he did not show up for the party.

The fans were however, cost not entirely disappointed as Norman Brown, the guitar and jazz maestro showed up and graced the party. Norman Brown will be performing with Joe at the much anticipated jazz show come Friday.

The organizers of the show apologized to the fans and informed them that Joe was caught up in rehearsals at Serena Hotel and could not make it to the party.

Fans that happened to have bought the tickets before the show was sold out are can’t wait to enjoy the once in a life time experience at Serena.

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