“Museveni’s Power Should be reduced”, says Bobi Wine

Musician turned legislator Robert Kyagulanyi better known as Bobi thinks President Yoweri Museveni has too much powers, and they should be clipped.

In an interview with BBC World service recently, Bobi Wine revealed that the current Museveni is not the same he supported back then.

He says “man who took over as Uganda’s President in the 1980’s, would have a “bitter fight” with the Yoweri Museveni of today.”

When asked what reforms he, as a new leader, would love to see in the Ugandan society, Bobi Wine “Inclusiveness.”

“The president has too much power and I believe it should be reduced,” he added.

Listen to the audio here:

On how he’s planning to improve the lives of his people in the economy, Bobi Wine said: “Our ghettos are full of young people are 80% of them are unemployed, we need to bring up policies that are going to look into that.”

BBC Further asked Bobi whether he’s the wave of change Africa as seen on other instances like Donald Trump in America, and Emmanuel Macron in France.


“I wouldn’t want to look at me as the new change but to look at us as the new change so yes, this is the new wave I would like to assimilate with the likes of Emmanuel Macron”.

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