Museveni Writes to Anite: Audit UTL

President Museveni has ordered Privatisation and Investment Minister Evelyne Anite to cause an audit into the operations of Uganda Telecom, Chimp Corps report.

The directive, contained in a letter dated July 16, 2019, comes against the backdrop of stiff resistance to the audit by UTL administrator Twebaze Bemanya and Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana.

“This is to direct you to institute an audit in the activities that are going on in Uganda Telecommunications Limited,” said Museveni.

The President, in total disregard of Attorney General’s advice that the audit be conducted later in November, said he had “heard of some allegations.”

Museveni didn’t provide details of the allegations.

He, however, said, the “audit should clear them or confirm them.”

Anite recently wrote to Museveni, saying

she had met difficulty in “dealing with the current Administrator, Bemanya who is unwilling to permit the Auditor General to audit UTL.”

She said whereas Bemanya availed progress reports on the Administration, “he has not availed us with an update for over 8 months, and today, I do not know what is happening in the Company.”

Rukutana had agreed with the Auditor General in his letter of April 2019, that it would “not be prudent to commence audits on UTL since the Administrator is trying to identify an investor for the Company,” adding, “Such audits can be undertaken once the Administrator process is concluded.”

But Anite argued there was “no law that stops the Auditor General from auditing the Company because this is good for the Company and the Country.”

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