Museveni Would Not Have Gone to School Today – Besigye

Opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye has bashed government for doing little to improve the welfare of its citizens.

Speaking to residents of Kashwina village in Isingiro district on Friday, Besigye said as an imperative, government should be working towards providing affordable health care and education among other basic necessities.

Comparing the past and present, he said not many are able to take their children to school today.

“If Museveni had grown up in this current era, he wouldn’t have managed to go to school,” he said.

“Kaguta his father would not have managed to pay his fees. Museveni would be grazing cattle,”

Opposition Rivalry

Commenting on the political situation in the country, Besigye said all Ugandans belong to two major groups; the captors and the captives, not opposition parties like, FDC or DP.

As such, he rallied Ugandans to break the chains or adhere to the status quo and remain marginalized.


He said jostling for leadership within the opposition is similar to prisoners fighting on whom to lead them.

Besigye says unless Power shifts from those with guns to citizens, challenges to deal with land eviction and economic impoverishment shall persist.

“We have lived in captivity since colonial times until today. So if we don’t fight for our rights, even the little that we have shall be taken”, he warned.

Besigye was accompanied by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Hon. Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Ingrid Turinawe and Kawempe South Legislator Hon. Mubarak Munyagwa among many others.

Earlier in the day, Besigye was in Mbarara for the hearing of a case where he together with others is accused of inciting violence in 2017.

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