Museveni: When I Go to Heaven, I’ll Tell God I Did Everything for Uganda  

President Yoweri Museveni has decried what he called excessive sleeping in Uganda, that has kept people trapped in poverty.

The President said Friday that for decades, he has done everything in his might to drag people out of subsistence farming to join commercial agriculture.

He added that even when meets God in the afterlife, he will not be blamed for not helping Ugandans out of poverty.

“I want to go to heaven,” said the President while opening the Rwenzori Investment Expo in Fort Portal town.

“When I meet God and he asks me, I will be able to tell him I did everything that I could, to get the people out of poverty.”

“I will give God the report and say, I did everything. I even brought in the soldiers to help campaign for agriculture, but your people failed me. They were sleeping,” said the President, referring to the UPDF led Operation Wealth Creation.

“We had to bring in the army because the agriculture people were sleeping.”

Foreigners Wonder


President Museveni at the expo blamed the perennial impoverishment of Ugandans, to reliance only agriculture, which itself, they have failed to perfect.

“The foreigners must wonder what is wrong with you people,” he said.

“They are polite and they might not tell you, but deep down they wonder how can people live in such fertile land and still be poor.”

Ugandans, and most Africans, the president said, have for decades been “hopping on one leg” of agriculture, and yet still couldn’t graduate from subsistence farming.

Citing the 2014 census report which found that up to 68% of Ugandans still depend on subsistence farming, Museveni said this was largely due to poor education and lack of leadership,

In response to this “stunted growth,” Museveni said his NRM government decided to introduce free education, which today is slowly being pushed aside, as government schools continue to charge fees from poor parents.

“We thought the medicine to this stunted growth would be education. Poor rural women put in the most to educate their children while their husbands are out drinking; so we said we need to support these mothers. The education should be free, and who want to pay they should go to the big private schools.

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