Museveni: We Are Ready to Return to Congo

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that Uganda is ready to return its armed forces to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo if called upon.

Museveni made known of the commitment yesterday while addressing a joint press conference with the Congolese President Joseph Kabila at Mweya Safari Lodge in Kasese District.

The President was responding to concerns raised by journalists from the neighboring country, physician about the ongoing attacks on travelers especially traders, page by the remnants of the Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels.

One of the journalists told president Museveni that the rebels were waylaying people mostly traders moving their goods, in Beni and other parts of Eastern Congo; killing them with machetes.

The president in response said that he was in talks with his Congolese counterpart on matters concerning the ADF.

He said in Swahili, “We have talked at length about the issue of the ADF. If the government of Congo wants us to make a joint operation, we are ready as usual, we shall support them.”

He added however, that for now the only mutual agreement between Uganda and the DRC in regard to the rebel remnants is provision of intelligence support.

“They want cooperation in the area of intelligence, and that is what we have agreed upon, for now,” Museveni said.


The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces in 2003 unceremoniously pulled out of the DRC, amidst accusations of human rights abuses, looting and plundering the country’s natural resources including gold and timber.

The International Court of Justice two years later ruled that Uganda must pay compensation of up to USD 10Billion to the Congo government for the plunder.

The National army had been deployed to the neighboring country from 1998 to “secure Uganda’s security interests by denying the Sudanese government an opportunity to destabilize Uganda through Eastern Congo; and also to deny habitation to Uganda’s dissidents, such as the ADF in the Congo.”

At yesterday’s press conference, the Congolese President Kabila revealed that his army is set to roll out a series of operations to put an end on the heinous acts of the rebels in the DRC, who attack both Ugandan and Congolese traders.

He said in about two or three weeks from yesterday, real results will be seen.


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