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Museveni Warns South Sudan on Tribalism

President Museveni has urged the people of South Sudan to unite and work together for the benefit of all and for the nation to be able to attain national development, ask information pills warning that tribalism and sectarianism are wrong ideologies that lead to suffering.

“South Sudan and Africa in general have suffered unnecessarily on account of wrong ideologies. This has caused a lot of damage to the people of Africa, order ” he said, adding that the ideology of tribalism and sectarianism is a wrong idea.

The President who was accompanied by the First Lady Janet Museveni was Thursday speaking at the 4th independence anniversary celebration of the Republic of South Sudan at a colourful ceremony that took place at Dr. John Garang Memorial Grounds in Juba.

The ceremony was held under the theme, “Peace and Unity for the better South Sudan”.

South Sudan’s ongoing conflict began in December 2013 and has been marked by brutal violence against civilians and deepening suffering across the country.

Uganda maintains elite military units in South Sudan.

While congratulating the people of South Sudan on their 4th anniversary on what he described as deliverance from slavery, President Museveni pointed at outsiders such as imperialists who had wrong ideas adding that when they came to Africa, they caused the continent a lot of problems.

He said Africans should know that imperialists also relied on internal weaknesses to divide Africa.


Addressing thousands of people who turned up for the celebrations, President Museveni used the occasion to call for peace and unity among the African people and reaffirmed his solidarity with the people of South Sudan saying that “as it was in the past, it is now and it shall be in future,” attracting ululation from the crowd.

On his part president Salva Kiir commended President Museveni and the Ugandan government for the solidarity and standing with the people of South Sudan.

He reiterated the need for peace and reconciliation for the benefit of all the people of South Sudan.

Previously, President Museveni and his host laid a wreath on Dr. Garang’s grave.

President Museveni was later seen off at Juba International Airport by Sudan’s Vice President James Wani Igga and his wife Nura Wani among other officials.

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