Museveni Warns on Insecurity

Equatorial Guinea’s football federation has been fined $100, click 000 for the crowd violence that marred the host country’s loss to Ghana in the semifinals of the African Cup of Nations.

The Confederation of African Football also said Friday that at least 36 people were hurt in Thursday night’s violence, order and 14 were taken to a hospital.

Home fans threw objects at Ghanaian fans, drug players and officials in ugly scenes at Malabo Stadium. The game was held up for over 30 minutes in the second half as riot police fired tear gas at the angry supporters.

CAF also ordered Equatorial Guinea’s federation to pay for treatment for all those injured.
President Museveni has emphasised the role of Uganda’s armed forces in the country, purchase warning perpetrators of insecurity that they would be dealt with decisively.

Speaking at the Tarehe Sita celebrations in Moroto on Friday, symptoms Museveni appealed to neighbouring countries to carry out a comprehensive disarmament of cattle rustlers for regional stability.

He equated the possession of guns by militants to cultivating a fertile ground for genocide.

“To keep guns in the hands of those who don’t know what they are doing is a kind of genocide, side effects ” said Museveni at the function attended by the top military brass and senior government officials.

Moroto was a few years ago a no-go zone especially at the peak of the LRA insurgency in which thousands perished at the hands of Joseph Kony-led rebel movement.


With massive agricultural and irrigation schemes underway, the Karamoja region is slowly realising food security.

Museveni evoked memories of the NRA struggle during which rebels obtained support from then Tanzanian leader Julius Nyerere to topple the regimes of Obote and the Okello Junta, saying neighbours should support regional efforts for common peace and stability.

February 6 is celebrated annually in Uganda, marking the beginning of a protracted armed struggle in 1981 that catapulted Museveni to the highest political office in the land after five years of bloodshed.

The rebels struck Kabamba barracks to steal arms but did not get to the armoury due to stiff resistance from a Tanzanian machine gunner.

But the daring assault sent chills down the spine of Obote’s government before his Generals toppled him after failing to defeat the NRA especially at Katonga.

“People only speak of the second phase and forget the Amin struggle,” said Museveni in reference to the Tanzanian-backed assault on dictator Amin.

The first attempt occurred in 1972 with an incursion of Obote’s forces. Amin bombarded and defeated the poorly organised attackers.

In October 1978, with the assistance of Libyan troops, Amin attempted to annex Kagera, the northern province of Tanzania, a mistake that cost him power thus fleeing to exile.

Nyerere said then that Tanzania had always had the “willingness” to deal with Amin but lacked the justification. The Kagera annexation by Amin, said Nyerere, gave Tanzanian armed forces reason to remove him from power.

Museveni participated in this war that toppled Amin in 1979. He would later take part in the 1980 elections following the removal of Yusuf Lule. He said the polls were rigged by UPC which encouraged him wage war on Obote’s government.

The president said whoever kills Ugandans would face the wrath of the courts of law.

In his speech today, Museveni advised girls to learn weaving and baking to earn a living.

He also hinted on wealth creation, saying soldiers will distribute farming inputs to farmers across the country.

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