Museveni Warns on Foreign Interference: Uganda was Liberated by Freedom Fighters’ Blood

President Museveni has warned the works of external forces trying to “interfere” with Uganda’s internal affairs will be defeated, Chimp Corps report.

“I advise the youth to ignore emerging and other diversionary groups that want to interfere with the country’s democracy,” said Museveni on Thursday.

The President spoke at Bukomero Technical Institute in Kiboga District while closing a four-day economic empowerment and sensitisation workshop for the youth.

Museveni further reminded the youth that the “return of democratic governance in Uganda was at a cost of the precious blood of freedom fighters that lost their dear lives to liberate the country.”

Museveni’s remarks comes high on the heels of government’s concerns that external forces intend to remove him from power before the 2021 elections.

Speaking at the Tarehe Sita celebrations recently, Museveni also pointed at plans to destabilise Uganda.

“When I read intelligence reports I feel pity for Africans. Anybody who thinks can disturb Uganda, they are destroying themselves,” Museveni warned.

“For us we never attack anybody who is innocent but if you are foolish and think you can destabilize Uganda, you will destroy yourself.”


The army has in recent years increased deployment of military forces in western Uganda to contain any emerging threat from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Several workers of MT Uganda have since been deported for reportedly threatening Uganda’s national security, a claim they deny.

Meanwhile, President Museveni said whereas the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government has lifted Uganda from a collapsed state and economy and registered commendable development especially in the infrastructure sector of the economy, the failure by majority of Ugandans to make good use of it to produce, generate wealth and overcome household poverty, remains a roadblock to the country’s prosperity agenda.

He said that NRM fought and ushered into the country peace, democratic governance and developed the economic infrastructure such as roads, electricity, schools and health facilities that have seen Uganda generally develop but noted that failure by the population to differentiate between the importance of development infrastructure and individual household income, is a stumbling bloc to the progress of the country.

He attributed much of the poverty in the country to ignorance by a big section of the population that own land but are stuck in subsistence agriculture as opposed to commercial profit-oriented production.

He said that this trend of affairs makes them non-participants in the country’s money economy that leads to poverty.

He, therefore, urged the youth in Kiboga District to make good use of the skills acquired during the economic workshop they have undergone, sensitize and put into practice modern commercial oriented agriculture to be able to generate good income even when utilizes small acreage of land holding.

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