Museveni Warns Against Voting Nonaligned Bobi, Unknown Katinti

President Museveni has warned the electorate against voting opposition candidates in the Kyadondo East by election.

NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu battles with FDC’s Katinti, Robert Kyagulanyi (Independent) and Nkunyigi Muwadda, in the by- election scheduled for Thursday.

Speaking during Ssitenda’s last rally on Tuesday, Museveni said it would be a mistake for the people of Kyadondo to vote independent candidates Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) and Muwadda who he said are nonaligned.

“You don’t fall anywhere and you think you can do anything? This is not a theatre for playing,” Museveni said.

“Developing the country needs coming and working together under a certain umbrella.”

Museveni narrated that in 1971 he was 25 years and still energetic but run away from Idi Amin to Tanzania because he couldn’t defeat the then dictator alone and had to rally others so as to fight the war.

He said that because of coming together, him with friends formed a force that ousted Amin .

“These independents should be ignored. Vote for one with a clan in politics and that’s Ssebalu,” he added.


President Museveni welcomed at St.Apollo Kaggwa primary School in Gayaza on Tuesday.
President Museveni welcomed at St.Apollo Kaggwa primary School in Gayaza on Tuesday.

The president also warned voters in Kyadondo against voting FDC’s Kantinti whom he said is not known since he came to parliament.

“There is this one who has been here. I even dont know his name. Don’t vote for those people I don’t know because if you do so, you will have committed suicide. In our culture if someone commits suicide, we don’t cry for them.”

Museveni said that Wakiso has in the past voted for opposition MPs whom he said are only working towards bringing him down.

Of the 9 MPs in Wakiso district, only 2 Rosemary Sseninde(Woman MP wakiso district) and Dennis Galabuzi Ssozi(Busiro North) are   from the ruling NRM party.

“You became ‘rebels’ and voted for opposition to oppose Museveni .They do nothing useful but try to stop Museveni and NRM.”

He said that the opposition MPs in Wakiso have failed to work with him to develop their areas.

According to the president, he would do his role of providing major infrastructure to all areas including those that voted for opposition but added that its their MPs to report to him the minor issues they want government to work upon.

“You have voted for opposition MPs for many years but you can now try to test one from NRM.”

“You need to liberate yourselves by voting for leaders who will work for you,” Museveni pleaded.

The  seat fell vacant in April after Court of Appeal upheld the lower court decision that nullified the election of Kantinti as the Kyadondo East Constituency Member of Parliament.

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