Museveni Vows to Fight Corrupt Public Officials, Calls them ‘Parasites’

President Museveni has sounded a strong warning to corrupt public officials especially in procurement departments who he said have hindered the economy and Ugandan scientists from discovering not only medicine for malaria but also for COVID-19.

While delivering his Heroes Day speech at State House Entebbe on Tuesday, Museveni said the economy is doing well but the challenge at hand is corruption.

“Factories are working, the problem I see is the corruption of public servants. The corruption in procurement,” he said.

He noted that manufacturers have severally complained that they manufacture transformers but people in procurement, instead, procure transformers from abroad.

Referring to corrupt public officials as crooks and parasites, Museveni said he will not tolerate them.

“Why should anybody buy transformers from outside when Uganda is making transformers and without consultation even. If there are some special reasons why you think you should not honor the Government policy of Buy Uganda Build Uganda, why don’t you consult? I am here, the Ministers there, why do you go quietly? Go to hell. We are going to sort it out with all these crooks. We are going to build our country the way we fought the war. If anybody cannot be with us, go to hell. I will not tolerate that nonsense,” Museveni said.

He added, “that game is finished. We are going to fight this war of corruption.”

Furthermore, Museveni said that Ugandan scientists had discovered medicine for malaria but were instead being tossed by corrupt public officials who he termed as “crooks.”


He added that Ugandan scientists could discover COVID-19 vaccine before Europeans if there was no corrupt public officials he termed as “parasites.”

“We can get this medicine (for COVID-19) before Europeans get it if we get rid of the parasites within us. Parasites, go to hell. They are our problem,” he said.

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