Museveni to Zimbabwe Army: Unite to Defend Africa Against Global Threats

President Yoweri Museveni has emphasized the need for the integration of the East African Community (EAC) saying that three crucial areas that encompass prosperity, strategic security as well as the heritage and identity of the region’s people are the major objectives of the regional bloc.

“We need to ensure our prosperity through production of goods and services. We talk of East African integration to guarantee the prosperity of our people. Economic integration is for prosperity, surviving and living a good life,” he said.

The President was addressing a delegation of 28 Zimbabwe Army Officers who called on him last evening at State House, Entebbe.

President Museveni shakes hands with officer Mandeya who led a team of Army officers from Zimbabwe shortly after he had lectured to them about Patriotism among other opportunity subjects at State House in Entebbe on 3rd July 2018.

The Officers are on a study tour of Uganda to learn more from President Museveni and to draw from the experience of Uganda with regard to how the country has been able to handle matters of national security.

President Museveni informed his guests that negotiation becomes easy because of integration.

“We need integration to create market but also to negotiate better,” he noted; adding that the people of Africa are all similar or interlinked.

Mr. Museveni also said that Africa must integrate to be able to defend against global threats and guarantee the black race from marginalization.

The Zimbabwean delegation saluted President Museveni for his wise counsel saying that they will be able to draw from what they have learnt while in Uganda in the execution of their future chores.

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