Museveni to Youth: Take Wealth Creation Message Seriously

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has partnered with Buganda Kingdom, and through Majestic Brands; the investment arm of the kingdom to brew a new beer brand called Ngule.

Ngule, this site is a Luganda word that means ‘crown’ or ‘reward’.  The beer, cheap classified as a strong beer with 6 percent ABV is made from cassava and sorghum, all of which are sourced locally from Buganda and Uganda.

UBL and The Kingdom have a revenue sharing agreement that is beneficial to both entities.

Unveiling Ngule to the Kabaka and his subjects at the Enkuuka- Buganda’s annual, end of year party held at Lubiri, Mengo, the Katikiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga hailed Ngule as a “job-making” and “wealth-creating” innovation by the Kingdom.

“Ngule beer is an innovation (obuyiiya) which is a key agenda on Buganda’s 5-year strategic plan. The creation of Ngule will significantly contribute to the kingdom’s income and create jobs for people in Buganda and elsewhere- from distributors to sellers as well as farmers in Buganda and outside Buganda that will grow the beer’s ingredients- mainly cassava. This will have a significant impact on Buganda and the rest of the country,” he said.

UBL team share a light moment at the launch of Ngule
UBL team share a light moment at the launch of Ngule

Mark Mugisha, the Marketing Manager-Beer at UBL said that Ngule is the most affordable quality beer in its category- a deliberate decision by UBL to get more Ugandans consuming formal beer and moving away from local brews that are of poor quality and potentially hazardous.

“In view of that, Ngule will largely be sold in semi-urban and rural areas where UBL believes there is more potential for this beer,” he said.

 (L-R) Mark Mugisha, UBL Marketing Manager-Beer, Alvin Mbugua, UBL Finance Director, Shane Healy, UBL Supply Director, David Kimaka, UBL Finance staff and Allan Kitaka, UBL Finance Staff make a toast at the Enkuuka Y’Omwaka celebrations where UBL and Buganda Kingdom launched Ngule beer
(L-R) Mark Mugisha, UBL Marketing Manager-Beer, Alvin Mbugua, UBL Finance Director, Shane Healy, UBL Supply Director, David Kimaka, UBL Finance staff and Allan Kitaka, UBL Finance Staff make a toast at the Enkuuka Y’Omwaka celebrations where UBL and Buganda Kingdom launched Ngule beer

Mugisha also said the deliberate sourcing of cassava and sorghum from Buganda and the rest of the country, will see the success of the beer will translate into a boost from agriculture by providing ready market and a “positive cycle of growth which will lead to increase in incomes at a household level within the Buganda Region and the rest of the country.


Mayiga said that although made by the Kingdom for its subjects, the beer should be embraced by the entire country as benefits accruing from the drink will be spread nationally.

“There will also be opportunities for Ugandan businessmen within the Buganda region to become distributors and earn a living off this great product which will create employment and improve livelihoods of many Ugandans in the Buganda Region. Ngule will pay taxes to the national treasury and that will increase incomes to the country,” he said.

Mayiga also cautioned against excessive drinking of alcohol, noting that drinking in itself is not bad.

“It is important to note that drinking alcohol isn’t bad. In fact we have sports and recreation ministry (EmizzanyoN’Okwewumuza) which encourages people to have leisure time… but leisure should not come at the expense of hard work,” he said.

“The Baganda as a people are proud of their Heritage and culture but are also progressive in nature. They celebrate their achievements and successes and thus deserve to be “crowned” for these. Ngule is a beer made for celebratory occasions such as these. It is a reminder that life “rewards/Crowns” those who work at it and at the end of the day the individuals should celebrate with a bottle of Ngule, he added.
President Yoweri Museveni has called on the youth to take the wealth creation issue seriously saying by acquiring skills that are marketable; they can create employment for themselves and for others.

“We have taken time to tell people about wealth creation but people think it is cheap politics and mere talking. Wealth is found in four sectors: commercial agriculture, patient factories, advice services and the Information Communication and Technology sector. Wealth for one person means jobs for other people,” he said.

President Museveni was Sunday speaking at the pass out of Youth entrepreneurs from Ntungamo district.

Museveni in Ntungamo 6
Youth at the function which was held at Kyamate Secondary School

A total of 11,735 youths under the ‘Free and Rich program’ were passed out at the function held at Kyamate Secondary School.

The youth have been empowered with business and entrepreneurial skills by coordinators through workshops held daily in every Sub County, parish and cell in Ntungamo district.

Free and Rich Uganda is an initiative that was started by the First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Mrs. Janet Kataaha Museveni to help the youth in Ntungamo acquire entrepreneurial skills and start businesses to create employment opportunities and also fight poverty.

The President cautioned the youth against waiting for public service jobs saying those are few and that public service sector could not employ them all. “The public service sector has no wealth and there are few job,” he said.

He said that government would increase funding to the wealth funds so as to chase poverty in the country and advised the youth to task their elected Members of Parliament to promise to increase funding to the wealth creation funds.

“There are four wealth creation funds: NAADS, Women Fund, Youth Fund and Microfinance fund. You should ask the MPs to promise to increase the funding to the wealth funds before they start asking for salary increases, “he said.

President Museveni said he would prioritize the wealth funds in his next term of office.

“We are going to prioritize the wealth funds as we did with the electricity and road funds. We are going to put 1000 billion shillings in NAADs from 200 billion shillings. The youth and women funds will each get 234 billion while the microfinance fund will get 180 billion shillings,” he said.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mrs. Museveni thanked the youth in Ntungamo for embracing the program.

“I want to thank the project leaders and coordinators for providing a good example to their colleagues and empowering them. Let Ntungamo be known for such development programs and not bad things,” she said.

Aijuka Rodgers, the Director Free and Rich Uganda thanked the First Lady for choosing him to lead the program and for supporting the youth to start income generating projects. He said the program would expand to other parts of the country and teach the youth how to start income generating projects and grow them into big enterprises.

Later, the President presented certificates to the youth that were passed out.

The function was also attended by the Bishop of South Ankole Diocese Nathan Ahimbisibwe, the national coordinator for patriotism in the office of the President Lt Col Henry Mastiko, Gerald Karuhanga, Youth MP Western Uganda and Stephen N. Tashobya, MP Karaja County Ntungamo District.

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