Museveni to Honor Age Limit MPs

The Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa has revealed plans by government to recognize the 317 NRM lawmakers who voted in support of the removal of presidential age limit from the Constitution.

The controversial constituional ammendment bill was signed by President Yoweri Museveni at the close of last year, about a week after it was passed amid chaos by Parliament.

Nankabirwa told reporters at Parliament that the awarding event for the MPs will be held on February 25th this month at Kiboga Saza grounds with President Museveni as the chief guest.

Nankabirwa termed the NRM MPs who supported this amendment as heroes who braved the criticism from the opposition and supported the party decision.

“The people of Kiboga first prepared a party for me appreciating me and on the same party, they requested that I  invite all the MPs so that they can appreciate them for their stand to defend the bill,” Nankabirwa said.

She noted that the proposal was initiated by the ‘NRM historicals’ in the district and the members of the party structures.

“Upon their request, I came and requested my fellow legislators to accept the party which will be presided over by President Museveni who accepted the invite as well.”

“The preparations are underway to celebrate our heroes, the 317 Members of Parliament.”

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