Museveni to Civil Society: Enough is Enough

President Museveni has warned the Civil Society of tough times ahead for reportedly meddling in Uganda’s internal affairs.

Museveni said in a statement that is “enough is enough” and that days of taking lectures from foreign entities was over.

The warning comes against the backdrop of reports that NGOs are helping in organising protests following the arrest of several MPs in the recently concluded Arua Municipality by-election.

Museveni said during the General Elections, it is not feasible for the opposition to use too much of “fascist tactics” such as intimidation and “importing voters” because “voting is taking place everywhere and they are too few.”

In Kampala, however, Museveni said opposition “have been doing it for a long time. Indeed, in Arua, Jinja East and Bugiri Municipality, they succeeded because the majority feared to turn up for voting. In Arua Municipality only 16,000 people out of 46,000 people turned out to vote!!”

He added: “What does this mean for the pseudo-democrats of the so called “Civil Societies”, by which they mean agents of foreign Governments? How can you call this democracy when People fear to turn out to vote?”

NGOs have previously been closed on accusations of providing resources to opposition groups.

In a tough message, Museveni warned: “We fought for the freedom of the people of Uganda to vote freely without threats by word or action. We shall defend that.”


He emphasised that, “Pseudo-democrats, be informed that the game of trying to hijack our democracy by fascists and foreign agents is over.”

Museveni said his government “shall not tolerate any threats by words or by actions. Enough is enough.”

Media houses were also told to “stand warned. Do your mandate: balanced reporting.”

The military and police on Monday fought street battles with rioters who brought business and traffic to a halt.

The roads were later opened after the military carried out operations in downtown Kampala – today’s main battleground.

Police have since condemned the riots, with IGP Okoth Ochola saying, the acts unlawful and cause damage to property.

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