Museveni To Bukwo: Tarmac Roads Are Not An Automatic Solution For Poverty

President Yoweri Museveni has thanked the people of Sebei Sub-Region for massively supporting and voting the NRM government.

The President was today addressing a public rally in Kamet Sub-County, Bukwo District during his current countrywide drive to sensitize wananchi on wealth creation to combat household poverty.

“I suspect that one of the reasons you supported the NRM was because of peace. Your parents had seen many governments, which had failed to bring peace. But the NRM brought it. I think that is one of the reasons you voted for the NRM. It did not only bring peace but it also brought development which are the roads, electricity, hospitals, telecommunication services,” he said.

locals clap their hands after speech from president Museveni

President Museveni reiterated that one of the reasons why there was an increase in the population of Sebei Sub-Region was because NRM had improved the health of the people by advocating for good health practices like immunization.

He also noted that there was notable progress in the education sector in Sebei region as 183,000 pupils have been enrolled in 214 primary schools.

He added that this was so because of the Universal Primary Education programme brought by NRM.

“When Sebei got separated from Bugisu, I was there. The population of the whole of Sebei was 20,000 but it has now increased. The number of pupils is now more than the original population of Sebei. This means there is good health because the children are able to grow due to immunization. The biggest solution to diseases is prevention. Do you still see polio? If you see anybody with polio, you know that they were born during the time of UPC. Therefore, immunization has eliminated many sicknesses. This is all part of development,” he said.

On infrastructure, President Museveni said that although there had been delays in construction of the road, it will be done soon. He, however, advised them to wholesomely engage in wealth creation activities as they wait for the building of roads in their area.

President Yoweri Museveni addressing a rally at Tesheni village in Kamet sub-county, Bukwo district.

He explained to them that development is for everybody but wealth creation focuses on an individual who must struggle to increase his/her household income.

“Tarmac roads are not an automatic solution for poverty. If they could cure poverty, there would be no poverty in places like Mbale, Tororo, Jinja, and Kampala. If you go there, you will find that some families are poor yet they are all near tarmac roads. Use the development to create wealth. 20 years ago when I was here I told your parents that wealth is like trapping water. God brings the rain but if you don’t bother to trap it, it will fall on the ground and you will still have no water. Therefore, development is like rain. The electricity, roads and schools will come but if you don’t take advantage of them, you will remain poor,” he said.

President Museveni was pleased that the people of Sebei were engaged in the agricultural sector. He, however, stressed that they must shift from subsistence to commercial agriculture to enable them make more money for themselves and others and also be able to build for themselves good houses.

“You have engaged yourself in agriculture here. If you go to Kenya and look at the commercial farmers, you will notice that they employ a lot of people. On my farm, I also employ a lot of people because I do commercial farming,” he said.

Mr. Museveni advised the people of Bukwo District to consider taking advantage of their cool climate and plant apples and grapes to generate more household income.

Mr. Museveni advised the people to stop cutting down trees, saying this was the reason why some of their schools’ and house roof tops were being blown off by wind.

“People must not be cleverer than God. You should be very careful. Don’t cut down forests. The brakes of the wind are the trees and the mountains, which slow it down from hitting a building,” he said.

On land fragmentation and family property, President Museveni told the people that they should learn how to form family companies from family properties and share the money accruing from production activities on the consolidation land.

He said that the profits from family companies would help individuals to start their own business and multiply their wealth.



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