Museveni Threatens to Revoke Licenses of Foodstuff Traders Over Hiking Prices

When Uganda confirmed her first case of COVID 19 pandemic last week, fear of a lockdown sparked many which prompted foodstuff traders to hike the prices of food.

While addressing the nation about Coronavirus for the fourth time in a week on Tuesday at State House Nakasero, President Museveni issued a warning to traders inflating the prices of food that they will have their licenses revoked.

“Now I hear some crooks hiking food prices. I want to warn those crooks, I will send spies in town… and if I find anybody hiking price of food, I will cancel his license. His license will be cancelled,” he said.

“Fortunately Uganda is not like other countries. The food is produced here. What has happened for the price of food to go high?” he asked.

The President referring to such traders as crooks said he could choose an option of also disrupting the supply chain to regulate markets prices of food stuffs by organizing NRM cadres to bring food from villages.

“I may organise the NRM cadres to bring this food from the villages and forget about these useless crooks of Kampala.”

On the issue of high prices of sanitizers which is also attributed to COVID 19 outbreak, Mr Museveni encouraged Ugandans to shun them (sanitizers) if they are overpriced and use ordinary soap and water to clean their hands.

“I want to tell you that you don’t need the sanitizers. Soap is enough to kill that virus. So those crooks should not hold you hostage by saying that you must buy the sanitizers. If they overprice them, leave them. Use ordinary soap.”


Due to the need to wash hands all the time as one of the measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health to combat spread of the Coronavirus, Museveni promised to talk to water supplying body, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) to look into the prices of water.

Currently, Uganda has 9 confirmed cases of COVID 19.

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