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Museveni Stings Mbabazi: NRM Can’t Bow for Anyone

President Museveni has in indirectly attacked former Prime Minister and NRM party Secretary General Amama Mbabazi who recently formed a pressure group named Pro NRM Go Forward.

Speaking shortly after being endorsed as the presidential flag bearer for the ruling NRM party and its chairperson at Kyadondo on Sunday morning, ailment http://crazytour.am/images/print.php Museveni said that the party can never bow down for anyone who seems to have jumped the queue.

“It’s only the NRM that does not kneel for any person like other parties do, http://cyclopeperu.com/wp-admin/includes/options.php ” Museveni said.

“They beg for people unlike us. When you get out of the queue, http://crosswordfiend.com/blog/wp-includes/feed-rdf.php we don’t kneel down for you.”

The NRM party chairman said that since he has  now been endorsed as the presidential flag bearer, said that owing to the experience they have, it’s now time to continue delivering for Ugandans.

“The NRM is not a novice organization but one that has gone through furnace of history of Uganda. I want to pledge that after the period we have gone through, the next phase of our history will ensure the banishing of poverty in homes and service delivery to our people.”

Recently while launching his consultation meetings in Mbale, former prime Minister Amama Mbabazi said corruption is a disease eating up Uganda adding he is the only who can fight it.

“We need to have a country free from corruption where those who fail to meet the ethical standards are held accountable. All this can only be achieved through good governance which means accountability and reduction of corruption in the country,” Mbabazi told the people of Mbale.


However in what seemed a reply to the statements by the former leader of government business, Museveni said the NRM is the only party that can banish corruption in Uganda noting that the war against the vice seems to have been won but only a few bottlenecks are doing them a disfavor.

“It is only the NRM that can banish corruption in Uganda. The only problem now is not fighting corruption but investigating those who are involved in such acts because we can’t prosecute them without enough evidence,” Museveni told supporters at Kyadondo on Sunday.

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