Museveni Slams “Useless” Opposition: ‘You Don’t Have to Be in Government to Help Your People’

President Yoweri Museveni has attacked members of the political opposition who he said only focus their energies on negative political activity, rather than helping elevating the lives of the people they represent.

Museveni, while delivering this year’s State of the Nation Address in Kampala, said opposition leaders who are not helping their communities must stop giving the excuse of not being in government.

The president said a lot of the work he has done for Uganda, he did when he was in the opposition.

“These days, I hear people going around wasting time, ‘DP DP DP…’ DP without Museveni is not there, because Museveni was the DP,” he said.

“In 1966 when I was 21 and in DP, that’s when I launched efforts in my community in Kiruhura. If you go there today, you’ll see that people are no longer staying in grass thatched houses. That effort started when I was in the opposition.”

According to Museveni, Ugandan Opposition leaders have an even smoother environment today to help their people, compared to his time.

“If you claim to belong to the opposition but you don’t care about the income of your people, you are nothing,” he said.

“You don’t have to wait to be in government to help your people. I helped my people when I was in DP, and at the time, UPC was very dangerous. It wasn’t like today when you can abuse and shout, and put up your legs up.”


“Don’t tell me that because you are not NRM you cannot help your people. That’s rubbish. I and tell you that on good authority. I have worked most of my life in the opposition. Its only recently when I have been on this side.”

In the State of the Nation Address, Museveni expressed resolve to help Uganda into the Middle Income status, which he said will be achieved through import substitution and export promotion

The President also vowed to continue the fight against crime, through the various initiatives that he and the National Security Council commissioned last year.


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