Museveni Slams Katikkiro Mayiga’s “Nonsense” On New Coffee Bill

President Yoweri Museveni yesterday rebuked the Prime Minister of Buganda (Katikkiro) Charles Peter Mayiga, who he accused of misleading Ugandan farmers.

The President was unhappy with claims allegedly made by Mayiga that the new National Coffee Bill which is the works at parliament, proposes among others issuance of licences to coffee growers.

Speaking through a Luganda interpreter at Nakasero State Lodge last evening, Museveni emphasised that the Katikkiro was telling lies and that this must stop.

“I heard that this Katikkiro was telling lies about (licensing), but I sent a message to somebody, that they should stop that nonsense,” Museveni charged.

“He lied…, and that should stop.”

Katikkirio Mayiga came out recently among the opposing voices of the new bill, which proses among others tough penalties for errant coffee farmers, registration of farmers capturing details of the size of land, particulars of the farmers, the number of coffee trees, coffee buyers and sellers.

Mayiga during a recent Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament) meeting, questioned the idea behind tight regulation of coffee farmers, and not any other farmers.

“I am scared,” Mayiga was quoted as saying early this week.


“This issue should be handled with care and we shall continue to offer guidance.

“I guess from coffee farmer’s, the government will now legislate herdsmen and how they should or shouldn’t handle their cattle and other products.”

President Museveni is one of the leading cattle farmers in the country.

Several opponents of the bill worry that it will discourage coffee production, due to the right regulations and the fact that majority of the coffee growers are small scale household farmers.

But according to the president, no one has proposed licencing of coffee farmers.

“There is no licencing. What is happening is registering. Registering is not licensing, and the reason for registering is because of exporting,” he said.

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