Museveni Seeks New Polls in Nyabushozi

Museveni seeks New Poll in Nyabushozi

President Museveni has advised that a new election should held in Nyabushozi County to decide the winner of the National Resistance Movement Member of Parliament primaries.

Museveni, in a letter to Tanga Odoi, the NRM Electoral Commission Chairman, strongly noted that there was fraud and forgeries in the tallying of Nyabushozi primary results.

The total votes for Nyabushozi, in which incumbent Col. Fred Mwesigye was declared the winner, is 54,996 above the district woman poll of 41,629 votes.

Museveni’s letter in full:


Tanga Odoi,

I dispatched a team of security personnel to audit the NRM primaries in Nyabushozi Constituency. Nyabushozi Constituency has got 200 villages. In 116 villages, the results were not contentious. In these villages, the total gives Kajwengye a lead as follows:

1. Kajwengye Wilson – 10,292 votes

2. Mwesigye Fred –   8,968 votes

3. Bakashaba Christopher –   3,421 votes

Total – 22,681 votes    

116 villages are, however, only 58% of all the villages in the constituency. Depending on how the voters in the remaining 84 or how they will vote when there is a repeat, the results will be different. Therefore, the next option should be to add the 56 villages whose results were altered but were excavated by the field visits. This will bring the total of the villages to 172. With these 172 villages, where the 116 non-contentious villages plus the 56 villages dug up by team, Fred Mwesigye is ahead of Kajwengye by 727 votes which is still a narrow margin. How many voters are there in the remaining 28 villages? What if they all voted for Kajwengye? Would Kajwengye win? if so, the 28 villages should be persuaded to vote again so that the issue is democratically resolved. If, on the other hand, the total does not exceed the 727 level, then Mwesigye should be declared the winner. Work with the lawyers to anchor these results of the audit in law by, for instance, having affidavits by locals of integrity from the 56 villages so that our product of intelligence collection is backed by law.

The possible fraudulent figures announced by the corrupt election officials were as follows:

1. Bakashaba Christopher –   5,601 votes

2. Kajwengye Wilson – 13,248 votes

3. Mwesigye Fred – 36,147 votes

Totals – 54,996 votes

These are, obviously, inflated because the women, who were voted for on the same day and from the whole district (2 constituencies including Kashoongyi) scored as follows:

1. Nuweahereza Phionah –   2,486 votes

2. Mwiine Sheillah – 18,563 votes

3. Twinobusingye Jovanice – 20,580 votes

Totals   – 41,629 votes

However, the verified scores from the 116 villages where these contentions were:

1. Bakashaba Christopher –   3,421 votes

2. Kajwengye Wilson – 10,292 votes

3. Mwesigye Fred –   8,968 votes

Total – 22,681votes

When you add the 56 villages that were audited by my team, you come up with:

1. Bakashaba Christopher – 5,759    votes

2. Kajwengye Wilson – 15,258  votes

3. Mwesigye Fred – 16,317  votes

Total – 37,334 votes

That is how Mwesigye would win with narrow margin of 727 but without the votes from the 28 villages that did not vote because of the fujo caused by the corrupt-minded, anti-people elements. That is why having elections in these 28 villages would conclude this matter.

By copy of this letter I am directing/requesting the IGP and DPP, whatever term is applicable to use the results of the audit to criminally prosecute all those, or at least the ringleaders of this massive anti-people but shallow forgery that attempts to usurp the sovereignty of the people.

Yoweri K. Museveni


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