Museveni Scoffs at ‘Kampala Noisemakers’ as his Bottle Irrigation Farm Flourishes

President Museveni has scoffed at people from urban areas especially Kampala; terming them  as rumour mongers  and noisemakers for ridiculing his bottle  irrigation farming style.

Taking journalists on a guided tour around his Kawumu presidential demonstration farm, patient Museveni said that at 4 months, sales results are visible even to a baby.

“When they saw me irrigating using bottles, they laughed at me,”Museveni said.

“Now you are witnesses, go tell them they should stop making noise. My plants have grown.”

Museveni mulches his garden
Museveni mulches his garden

The president said he started the farm in Kawumu to demonstrate to locals how they can adopt to farming and eradicate poverty.

He noted that the farm will in the future serve as a government demonstration school to government agencies and people from the nearby districts.

“But you find people  suffering in poverty because they don’t listen to this message.”

Museveni rides a bicycle around his farm
Museveni rides a bicycle around his farm



Museveni blasted Ugandans for the laziness which he said has stopped them from appreciating and using nature appropriately.

He said that instead of appreciating God for the different weather conditions, most Ugandans engage in petty talk.

“The drought is good because it helps ripen people but many people just curse it. Many of them are always busy with things like when is Museveni going.”

“It is unacceptable to be poor while having this land in Uganda,” he noted.

Among the crops grown on the farm are mushrooms too
Among the crops grown on the farm are mushrooms too

Museveni said Ugandans can apply simple techniques like irrigation from springs so that their crops don’t dry other than waiting for rains.

He said that even those in urban centers with small plots of land can benefit from farming.

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