Museveni Says No One Will Destabilize East African Peace as Security is Allocated 4.5 Trillion

President Museveni has vowed that he will not allow anyone with any attempts to destabilize the peace and security of the East African region.

While digitally addressing Parliament from State House Entebbe at the budget reading on Thursday, Museveni said that the East African region has got some issues and added that if other East African leaders need his security help, he will not hesitate to avail it.

“On the issue of security in the region (East African region), Uganda is stable and nothing can disturb us here and we have actually been building a lot of capacity. When some people made a mistake of thinking that they could destabilize Uganda by crime and so on, they actually woke us up and enhanced our big potential. There is no way anybody can disturb our peace,” said Museveni.

He added, “in the region, there are quite a lot of issues and we can help in out. Anybody (the brothers) who wants us to help, we will help. We have the capacity like we have done with Somalia.”

This could be the reason behind the 4.5 trillion shillings allocated to the security sector in the 2020/21 budget at the time when Uganda has no war.

Out of the 45.5 trillion shillings budget for the financial year 2020/21, the security sector has been allocated 4.5 trillion making it the second biggest funded sector after the Ministry of Works and Transport which was allocated 5.84 trillion shillings.

Several Members of Parliament especially those on the opposition side have recently questioned why security was allocated all that monies and Ministry of Health which is fighting the COVID-19 outbreak was only allocated 2.77 trillion making it the fourth-biggest funded sector.

Museveni went ahead and encouraged East African leaders to form a coordination to ensure peace prevails in the region.


“I would like to encourage regional leaders, if necessary, get regional coordination so that we get total peace in our area,” he said.

All this comes just a few days after Uganda – Rwanda talks ended in stalemate.

The two East Africa Community allies have for a few years been in a bitter relationship that saw Rwandan President Paul Kagame close the border.

Many Ugandans and Rwandans are pessimistic about whether the talks which are being mediated by Angola will yield positive results.


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