Museveni: Rwanda, Uganda Tension to End

President Museveni has revealed that “decisive actions” will “soon” be taken by both Rwanda and Uganda to resolve their differences.

The tension between the two neighbours has resulted in a sharp decline in bilateral trade, higher prices for consumers and raised the prospect of an armed conflict.

Museveni said in a statement on Tuesday evening that a senior diplomat he sent to Rwanda delivered good news about the future of the two countries’ relations.

“… I just wanted to inform you that I received Ambassador Adonia Ayebare, who had gone as my special envoy to President Kagame, on the issue of the tensions between our two countries,” said Museveni in a statement released by his press secretary, Don Wanyama.

Ayebare is Uganda’s Permanent Representative to United Nations and former Ambassador to Rwanda.

Ayebare met with Kagame at the latter’s office at Urugwiro Village.

Rwanda presidency described the meeting as “positive.”

In his statement today, Museveni revealed that Ambassador Ayebare was “well received by H.E Paul Kagame and they had very fruitful discussions.”

Museveni further said that, “Soon, the two sides will be taking decisive actions to end the tension.”

President Kagame today said in a televised interview in Kigali that restoration of good relations with Uganda will depend on the leadership in Ugandan acting on the issues raised particularly “innocent people” being allegedly jailed in Uganda and authorities in Kampala supporting anti-Rwanda elements.

“Rwanda has been categorically clear on the issues it has with Uganda for example the jailing of people who have nothing to do with this allegation of spying. Spying for what? Some of these people are children, illiterate old people who have no idea of what spying is about,” he said.

“These are people who are in Uganda to look for economic opportunities for survival,” Kagame continued.

Uganda has since denied supporting Rwandan dissidents but vowed to crack down on elements hellbent on destabilizing Uganda.

Some Rwandans were charged in courts of law with illegal repatriation of Rwandan refugees.

Kampala accuses Kigali of slapping a trade embargo on Uganda; aggressive espionage; closing the Gatuna border; uprooting prominent Ugandans from the Rwandan economy and orchestrating a hate campaign against Uganda and its officials.

Museveni today expressed determination to address Kigali’s concerns to restore the once booming ties between the two neighbours.

“Uganda, I can guarantee, will do its share of the normalization of the relations between our two countries,” said Museveni.

“I salute H.E Kagame, the brotherly people of Rwanda and the people of Uganda,” he concluded.

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