Museveni Reveals Plans to set up ‘Government Campus’

The Government of Uganda is planning to erect new office structures in a gazetted area that could see its administration units relocated from the Central Business District, approved Chimp Corps report.

Most ministries are located in the heart of Kampala city, choking on traffic jam and pollution. This congestion affects the ease of doing business in a country.

This plan was revealed by President Museveni while meeting with a delegation of investors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday at State House, Entebbe.

“The biggest gap we have is in packaging of glass, paper and plastics. We want you to come and process products such as fruits and cereals,” the President told investors.

According to a statement from State House, “Mr Museveni also revealed that there is a big opportunity in erecting Government buildings adding that the Government of Uganda plans to set up its campus with the aim of saving on rentals for Government service.”

The UAE delegation was led by Mr Abdul Rahman Sharif Al Baidhaei, Chairman of a group of companies that specializes in the sectors of human resource development, packaging and construction of buildings.


Several countries have since relocated their administration structures from business areas.


Nigeria’s government shifted from Lagos to Abuja while South Africa’s moved from Johannesburg to Pretoria.

The Government Campus usually facilitates pedestrian access to major Ministries and grants the public unimpeded access to the several administration blocks.

Such structures usually feature aesthetically pleasing landscaping and are easily accessible by both public and private transportation and within walking distance from several other Government Ministries and businesses.

Formerly scattered structures are expected to reside at a single location, streamlining the process of conducting business.


The leader of the delegation, Mr Abdul Rahman Sharif Al Baidhaei, gave assurances that his group of companies has the capacity to work on the packaging and agro processing areas.

He also expressed interest in erecting modern steel buildings at an affordable cost.

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