Museveni Returns 80 More Land Titles to Buganda

President Museveni has Tuesday handed over back 80 land titles for Buganda Kingdom, Chimp Corps report.

This was revealed by Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Lindah Nabusayi.

She said the titles were picked by Buganda Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga.

The event took place at State House, Entebbe.

On August 2, 2013, President Museveni signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the presence of emissaries of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II that marked the return of Buganda’s properties to the Kingdom.

The emissaries included Mayiga, Prince David Wasajja, Apollo Makubuya and Kabaka’s subject Herbert Ndiwalana.

Before handing over the signed Memorandum of Understanding to Mayiga, the President said: “We’ve been having a long process of discussions between the Central Government and the Mengo Administration about the properties that used to belong to the Administration of the Kingdom of Buganda. These were official estates for the Masaza, Amagombolola, properties of chiefs, markets, and a number of other properties that were taken by the provincial Government after the overthrow of the constitution of 1962.”

He added: “We’ve been involved in long discussions. We have now agreed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will be availed to the media in due course. I take pleasure in handing in the Memorandum of Understanding to the Prime Minister of Buganda.”


The MoU covered the settlement of the outstanding arrears amounting to over Shs 20bn and a number of other properties.

Government has been paying the arrears in instalments.

Buganda properties including 213 land titles were returned returned by the central Government.

In his remarks the President hailed the Mengo establishment for cordial relations with the Government.

“I have been hearing positive statements. That is good. I have no problem returning land without conditions in the urban centres,” he said.

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