Museveni: Religious Intolerance Broke Great Sudan

The deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya has described President Yoweri Museveni as a true hero who has managed to consolidate stability in Uganda for now coming to three decades very unique from all past leaders starting from independence that some did not stand the heat for a mere three months.

Oulanya on Wednesday at Hotel Africana, clinic case http://claude-nicaud.com/new/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-upload-control.php wondered if president Museveni is a witch-doctor or magician to have managed by far, the ordinarily unthinkable of changing the equation where power changed hands seven times in 24 years to only one hand in the record 28 years and still counting.

Unlike her neighbors Kenya and Tanzania where only four presidents each have ruled from independence, Uganda had seven presidents in the first 24 years of independence and above all registered two coup d’états, one on 25th January 1971 when the army commander Gen. Idi Amin deposed President Apolo Milton Obote. Another coup took place in 1985 when the second rule of Obote was again forcefully cut short by his army commander Gen. Tito Okello.

“No one here can describe to me in one word the prevalence of stability in the last 28 years and still flowing very different what many of us witnessed in the first 24 years of our independence. Museveni is my number one and true hero and am always wondering if this man is a witchdoctor or a magician.” Oulanya says.

Oulanya also reechoed his voice on term limit saying Ugandans should forget about debating term limit again since president Museveni is still with the unique stamina to move Uganda forward.
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni yesterday blamed religious intolerance as the major factor that tantamount to breaking of Africa`s largest country, page http://choladathaicuisine.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php Sudan in to two different nations few years ago.

Addressing a congregation of thousands from different religious dominations and countries in capital Kampala on Wednesday, diagnosis http://communityartsprogram.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/acceptance.php Museveni whose country was the immediate neighbor to the then united Sudan and faced the biggest influx of refugees, stressed that the irreconcilable religious difference between the north and southern part of the country was responsible for the disintegration.

The numerically minority Christian south of Sudan broke away from majority Muslim and Arab north on 11th Sept 2011 in an historic referendum that resulted to the creation of the independent Republic of South Sudan, the world`s youngest nation.

“I am glad to be with all of you here from different faith groups. Am very glad you people are accepting each other and this tolerance is the way to go. Religious intolerance led to the breaking away of our good neighbor the then great Sudan.” Museveni carefully stated without naming the religious groups in particular.


Museveni added that for several times he told his counterpart President Omar Bashir the advantages of accepting others irrespective of their faith so long as they are not fighting your faith.

“On several occasions I told my good friend His Excellency Bashir that to him pork is haram (not allowed) but to me I have a long list of haram in my Runyankore tradition including fish, chicken, goat and even pork itself. However much they are haram to me, I don’t mind others enjoying them.” Museveni added to the amused congregation.

8th October which for this fall on Wednesday, is a National Prayer Breakfast in Uganda`s calendar, a day before the 9th independence day.

President Museveni used his Chief Guest attendance position to preach tolerance where he even urged both Christians and Muslims not to forcefully burn African traditional religions but just to persuade them with good teachings.

President Museveni did not leave out instability in Middle East and North Africa that he also said is result of religious intolerance.

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