Museveni Reassures Local Investors

President Museveni has promised to support local manufacturers in all ways possible to ensure that their production cost decreasing well as their exports.

Officiating at the grand opening of the 24th Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) trade fair yesterday President Museveni revealed that his government has embarked on improving infrastructure such as roads and the oncoming railway line, remedy to make production much easier.

“We need electricity; in the past there was no enough electricity and the little that was there was expensive. We have electricity but there was a mistake of Bujagali and we are handling it, buy ” he said.

“Those catching grass hoppers, approved ants, running Discotheques we appreciate that you also need electricity but the main purpose of our electricity is for manufacturers.  I advise all manufacturers to ensure that they embark on use of power in off peak hours since by that time few people are using electrical”

Museveni further called upon manufacturers to report to him corrupt government officials who ask for bribes to process their paper work.

“It’s you who are breastfeeding those corrupt people, if you could expose them you will see what I will do to them. Peace must be followed by the rule of law and elimination of corruption.”

The Uganda Manufacturers Association Chairman Amos Nzeyi informed the president that this year’s trade show has been organized with the aim of uplifting women’s standards in the manufacturing sector.

The trade show which is running under the theme ‘Empowering women parity in manufacturing’ was opened on 3th October 2016 is going to end on 10th October 2016.

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