Museveni Rallies Nation in New War on Corruption

President Yoweri Museveni has called on members of the public and various stakeholders including the media to join in the fight to kick corruption out the country.

The President told hundreds of people who gathered at the Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala to listen to his new strategy on ending corruption; that fighting and defeating the vice are not entirely his responsibility, but that of the public.

“The public has to actively participate in this war,” Museveni said.

“My war was that of guns and I fought and finished it in Luweero. This war on thieves is yours.”

According to Museveni, members of the public have a better understanding of the corruption dynamics than himself.

“Thieves are there where you are. You see them,” he said. “The NAADS people who steal government money; doctors who steal medicine, police officers that solicit bribes, you see all of them. There isn’t any evil that happens down there that you know nothing about.”

In his self-assessment, the President said he and his government has been able for the last three decades, to address three of the seven main problems that were afflicting the nation when they came onto power, namely; extrajudicial killings by the army, extortion by the army on roadblocks and poaching.

The other four that still persist he said, are encroachment with collusion of officials on forest reserves and wetlands; embezzlement of public funds, bribery and nepotism.


While in the course of his Presidency Museveni created a number of government anti-corruption agencies among the Inspectorate of Government and the Leadership Code, he admitted that these have not done enough.

As such, he recently created another desk in his own office which will be in direct contact with members of the public and himself.

The desk which was inaugurated today is headed by Lt Col Edith Nakalema.

Nakalema just returned from training abroad.

“I worked with her for a long time. When she returned from training, I asked her help me with the weevils,” Museveni said while the Colonel.

“She is a short woman, but she has fire inside.”

Nakalema’s office will be reachable by members of public that want to report cases of corruption and provide evidence; on a toll free line 0800202500.

According to the president, Nakalema’s job will be to get information on cases of corruption, find out whether responsible government officials knew about these cases, and then forward them to the IGG or the Police.

“Her job is not to take over the IGG’s job or the DPP or the Police CID. She is simply my eye. She will report to me about officials who are not working. Then I will come in and sack them or arrest them. Little by little we will solve this problem.

Museveni however urged Nakalema to ensure that her office is not infiltrated by the corrupt people.

Meanwhile as part of his anti-corruption agenda, Museveni said government is introducing a new policy in which public officials implicated in corruption will have their property seized.

“I will speak with the Chief Justice and the Speaker to kick out the corruption in parliament, and judiciary.

With Nakalema’s office assisting in coordination, Museveni said he was “absolutely sure” of putting an end to corruption.

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