Museveni: Radios Should Focus on Nutrition Education

Jonathan Wendy alias Producer TheWeezy is a Congolese producer based in Uganda. He is one of the senior producers at Naalya based Buddies Studio. He met up with ChimpCorp, viagra buy Orville Muhumuza to whom he talked about music, life at Buddies and his personality.

CL: How do you describe yourself briefly?

TW: Jonathan Wendy Is a Congolese producer with a passion for music. He loves to work with simple people, but hates lazy ones. I see myself as a very hard working person and I am a mama’s boy. I do listen to my mother a lot. I like to have the finest work in everything I do. I don’t like sketchy work. Generally, I am professional.

CL: Where do you live?

TW: I leave here at Buddies Studios but originally I am from Kinshasa, DR Congo where my family is staying. I do have some of my family member here in Uganda but most of them are in DR Congo, my country of origin. I sometimes go to my relatives’ homes around here in Kampala to pay them visits but I am always at the studio premises.

TheWeezy working
TheWeezy working

CL: What are your hobbies?

TW: Uhhhh… says something in French…I really like playing rugby, basketball and above all listening to music. I am a good basketballer. Even while still in school, I played for the school team which earned me numerous awards and certificates.

CL: How did you come to get known in Uganda?


TW: Oooh….of course talents have a mouth but personality decides it all. Because I am a very friendly man, my very close friend,  DJ Yogi working at club venom then connected me to AKA Raul  how then connected me to HANNZ . This is when HANNZ opted to listen to my beats that I had made and when he liked them, the next day I was then contacted by the Buddies Studios boss, J.K Kazoora who asked me to work at his studios.

CL: Can you please tell us about your academic background?

TW: My academic background is strictly Congolese. I went to Academy Des Beaux Arts  for  both my secondary education levels, and while at college, I did architecture which wasn’t an easy  programme for me because it demanded too much time yet I was into music.

CL: Have you produced songs for any Ugandan artistes?

TW: The common ones include Jabashake by Big Trill, Dangerous, and Kele in which Keko features Djaden. These are currently playing on every media platform. I have produced those hits just in the short time I have been here at Buddies studio and I am happy with the progress.

CL: Which Ugandan artists do feel you would love to produce their music too?

TW: Here in Uganda I don’t actually look at working with the biggest  artists and I don’t yearn to have a touch on their music  though I can produce for them if  they contacted me. However, I have a desire to produce for Rema and Irene Ntale because of their good voices.

CL: What do you think makes a good producer?

TW: To be a good producer, delete all the false pride, false confidence and just listen to advice and then take a fair decision from all you have heard to make the best conclusions. It doesn’t mean that being good at playing many instruments qualifies one to be a good producer. Just be down to earth and the rest will follow, trust me.

The Weezy working with an artist in studio
The Weezy working with an artist in studio

CL: Where do you see yourself in a few years to come, do you think you have achieved what you all along desired personally?

TW: If it’s  a journey of a thousand miles I haven’t even taken a step , I don’t think  I have done much, I still feel the real me is still inside . I think the best time an individual can talk about what he has done, is after one has retired. But I am just starting my journey and I know and believe there is much to be done ahead of me.

CL: What do you think are your weaknesses and your points of strength?

TW: I hate it that I am so emotional. I sometime feel bad when I see images that don’t portray true human character. it’s of recent when I saw a maid brutalize a toddler, I felt like I wanted to quit  Ugandan and go back to Congo  because I didn’t feel comfortable with what I had seen. For my strengths you can’t tell a lie to me, period.

CL: Have you had any memorable experiences and can you tell us about them?

TW: I have very many but please just don’t remind me of any.

CL: What are your likes and dislikes you want the public know about you?

TW: I really don’t like liars  and people who  accuse others but as I described myself I don’t like lazy people still as I mentioned it earlier before .

CL: Looking at the western world, we can clearly see that entertainment industry has contributed to national development, why isn’t that exactly the case here in Uganda?

TW: In Uganda, there are almost no copyrights for the musicians, which give the public a chance to pirate music by the artists which is a cause of loss in which they don’t earn any revenue from their hard work.

In the same way, government also misses gaining from the taxes that would have been imposed on the music released by the artists; Uganda should adopt South Africa-like policies musically.

The Weezy during the interview
The Weezy during the interview

CL: What are the challenges you have faced as a new producer at Buddies Studio?

TW: For the  short while I have been there, I have not faced any challenges as yet , but as  you know challenges are part of life and I do expect many ahead of me  and I am ready to face them like a man.

CL: Do you see yourself leaving your occupation as a producer for greener pastures?

TW: Sorry, I and music are twin brothers. At any one time I don’t think I will quit, I am meant for music, It is my passion and I don’t see myself leaving music for another job.

CL: There are many young producers who could be looking at you as their role model, what message do you leave them?

TW: I advise all persons to venture their skills in what they like and to have confidence in whatever they do. I personally ventured into music because I liked it, but that doesn’t mean that me being your role model you should also join music. Venture into what your heart tells you and you will be successful.

The former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, viagra 100mg David Sejusa, clinic is Thursday expected to attend the trial of his former aides who are accused of “trying to overthrow the legitimate Government of Uganda,” Chimp Corps report.

Sejusa’s aides said he would arrive at the Makindye-based General Court Martial in Kampala today morning.

Prosecution alleges that L/CPL Grace Nasasira, L/CPL Geoffrey Byaruhanga, Pte. Frank Ninsiima, James Nayebare, Moses Nuwagaba, Abel Twinamatsiko and others still at large on or around the months of March and May 2013 aided, abetted, counseled or procured to recruit soldiers from SFC into subversive activities intended to overthrow the legitimate Government of Uganda.”

Some of the suspects have since admitted to acts of subversion.

Katwe Police Division CIID Officer Emmanuel Ayebare told the Court Martial led by Maj.Gen Levi Karuhanga in October last year that Pte. Frank Ninsiima  recorded a statement in which he said he deserted the army in 2003 and on orders of Sejusa contacted a one Nayebare in order to recruit in and out of service for activities he had not been told.

The detective denied use of underhand methods in getting information from the suspect and stressed that Pte. Ninsiima spoke to him freely in his mother Runyankole dialect.

In the cross examination, the accused’s lawyers led by Ladislaus Rwakafuzi accused the detective of concocting the said statement stressing that it was not Ninsiima who had recorded it.

According to Rwakafuzi, the detective had harassed the suspect and forced him to sign the statement which the lawyer said was an act of unprofessionalism by police.

The suspects, who deny the charges, last year lost an application at the High Court where they had accused UPDF of unlawful detention.

Gen. David Sejusa fled the country in 2013 after leaking his own letter to ISO to investigate reports that those opposed to the so-called Muhoozi project were being targeted for assassination.

Government vehemently denied the charge, describing it as “groundless” and “alarmist.”

Sejusa would later return to Uganda quietly. He has since asked president Museveni to retire him from the army.

It remains unclear how the army will maintain charges against Sejusa’s aides yet the General who is thought to have mobilised some soldiers into a rebellion continues to move around scot-free.
President Yoweri Museveni has urged district leaders throughout Uganda to use local FM radio stations in their areas to educate the masses on the important role of nutrition and hygiene in the development of the wellbeing of the people.

He emphasized to them the fact of taking nutrition and hygiene as one of the priority areas for the promotion of the wellbeing of the people.

”You should use radios to sensitize the public on such important matters like nutrition and hygiene other than using those radio channels to tell President  Museveni  to leave  power, buy information pills ” he said.

The President was addressing a meeting of Gomba district leaders – RDC, medications Councilors, faith-based representatives, technocrats and security officers, among others – who called on him at his Kisozi farm earlier this week.

Mr. Museveni’s remarks followed a briefing from Gomba District Health Officer, Dr. George Kiwanuka, who informed the meeting that Gomba district has the lowest pit latrine coverage of about 45 percent compared to other districts in the country, such as Abim and Nwoya in Northern Uganda, which have attained 95 percent pit latrine coverage.

Regarding the fight against household poverty, the President told the meeting that the programme is currently spearheaded by Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) officers.

He, therefore, told Gomba district leaders that the programme will be rolled out to each and every household in the country with a view of alleviating household poverty through practicing modernized commercial agriculture.

“Now that the Army has  taken over the NAADS Programme, there will be better results as  they will not  relax to ensure that all the  homesteads  in  Uganda are fully enrolled in the  Programme,” he said.

The President informed Gomba district leaders that the government plans to purchase excavators and bulldozers so that each district in the country is further empowered to improve its road infrastructure.


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