Museveni Protests Life Sentence for LDU Murder Convict

President Yoweri Museveni has condemned what he called too much lenience being shown to serious offenders by Ugandan courts of law, including the Military courts.

The President while speaking at an Anti-Corruption event at State House in Entebbe on Wednesday, said the small sentences being handed out to offenders are affecting the trust that the public has in the court system.

He went on to point out a recent murder case against a Local Defense Unit personnel who was handed a life sentence for killing an unnamed civilian.

“I actually want to protest because I have seen even in the court martial; some two weeks ago I saw that some Court Martial had sentenced an LDU who had killed people in Kamudini to life sentence. Life sentence? We don’t know life sentence. For us, you kill, you die. This is our concept of justice we the Africans,” he said.

In this case, Thomas Jolly Opoka was found guilty of murder by the army court sitting Oyam district.

Opoka is said to have shot and killed 65-year-old Francis Ogwang Munu during enforcement of the night curfew, back in June.

The deceased was a member of the local Covid19 task force.

According to President Myseveni, the life sentence was not commensurate to the offence, adding that life sentence isn’t often as punitive is it sounds.


“This life sentence is calculated in a way that after some years, if the convict has showen good conduct, he could be released. Death must be answered with death.”

President Museveni has often agitated for the ressurectioin of the death sentence, which despite still being in Uganda’s law books, has not been effected for over 20 years now.

Meanwhile, Museveni also sounded off on the awarding of bail to every suspect, which he said promotes crime.

“In villages, people are about to give up on looking after animals because people steal them, they go to court and they are back the following day,” he s

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