Museveni Praises Uhuru Kenyatta in Congratulatory Message

President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta upon his re-election.

In a heartfelt message, Museveni noted that the re-election of Kenyatta to the highest office on the Kenyan land is because he has been successful in his first term as the president of Kenya, saying that Kenyans were showing their appreciation towards his sacrifices.

“Your re-election is a testimony of the trust that you have earned from the people of Kenya and the appreciation of effort you have made towards the development of your country and region for the last five years,” Museveni says in the statement.

He added: “On before of the people of Uganda and as the chairman of the East African community, I would like to extend my congratulations to your Excellency upon being reelected as the president of the republic of Kenya.’’

Museveni asked Kenyatta to continue working tirelessly towards the development of Kenya and the East African community.

He also pledged allegiance to the government of Kenya and asked Uhuru to continue the relationship that Kenya has had with Uganda in the last years.

“Under your presidency, Kenya has continued to be a key regional partner on development peace and security, I look forward to a continued brotherly relationship between our two countries as well other the other EAC states as in a quest to develop this region,” the president states in the message.

Uhuru garnered 54.27 percent of the total vote counts; defeating his arch-rival, Raila Odinga who went home with 44.7 percent of the votes.

However, his success has been contested by Odinga who says the election was a fraud with the hacking of the Election commission data base.

Observers say the election was the most competitive in recent years.

Uhuru described the election as “free, fair and transparent.”

Uhuru’s second term ends in 2022.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame was the first president to publicly congratulate Uhuru upon winning the hugely contested election.

“Congratulations my brother @UKenyatta for a successful election and the trust Kenyans have placed in you!” said Kagame on his official Twitter handle.

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