Museveni Pokes UN Security Council in Japan

International Criminal Court (ICC) has terminated proceedings against the alleged Deputy Army Commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Okot Odhiambo following the forensic confirmation of his passing.

Pre-trial Chamber II’s decision follows the reception of information and material provided by the Prosecutor, troche which establishes that a corpse exhumed by the Ugandan authorities in March 2015 was identified, symptoms through DNA testing, as that of Okot Odhiambo.

The Chamber was informed that the Ugandan authorities subsequently issued a death certificate, certifying that Okot Odhiambo died on 27 October 2013, 50 kilometres northeast of Djemah, Central African Republic.

Odhiambo’s case was joined to the case of other LRA commanders Joseph Kony and Vincent Otti who are still at large.

While the case originally involved an additional suspect, Raska Lukwiya, proceedings against him were terminated due to his passing.

The warrant of arrest against Okot Odhiambo was issued by Pre-Trial Chamber II under seal on 8 July 2005 and unsealed on 13 October 2005.

As the alleged Brigade Commander of Trinkle and Stockree Brigades of the LRA, Mr Odhiambo was allegedly criminally responsible on the basis of his individual criminal responsibility for two counts of crimes against humanity (murder; and enslavement) and eight counts of war crimes (murder; intentionally directing an attack against a civilian population; pillaging; and forced enlisting of children). Mr Odhiambo’s case was joined to the case of other LRA commanders Joseph Kony, Dominic Ongwen, and Vincent Otti.

On 6 February 2015, Pre-Trial Chamber II severed the proceedings against Dominic Ongwen from the Kony et al. case following his surrender to the ICC custody on 16 January 2015.
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Museveni have agreed to push for United Nations Security Council reforms saying the issue is critical for transparency.


“The fact that we were able to agree on cooperation with regard to issues in the international arena in particular achieving UN Security Council reform is extremely critical for Japan which is seeking UN Security Council reform, illness ” Prime Minister Abe said during a jointly held press conference.

President Museveni agreed, visit this site emphasizing that the present refugee and migrant crisis from Africa and Middle East to Europe is partly caused by a few people monopolizing decision making for the whole world.

“We totally agree with Japan that it’s not in order to have a small group of countries monopolizing decision making for the whole world. The present chaos in the world is partly caused by that mistake. If you see the Middle Eastern people and Africans invading Europe as refugees….these are products of mistakes made by some actors who are responsible for these mistakes.”

“That huge human suffering….these mistakes must be stopped by collective wisdom, ” he said.

President Museveni said Africa is insisting on reform of the United Nations Security Council and also having equal rights.

“Japan with the other members of the Group of four have a slightly different position when it comes ‘not on whether but on how’. Therefore I benefit a lot when I come here and discuss with the prime minister to get the logic of the G4. We shall continue to exchange views on this processes,” he said.

The President who is on a four day official visit to Japan and is accompanied by the First Lady Janet Museveni thanked the Prime Minister for the invitation and sympathized with the people of Japan over the floods that hit their country.

Museveni hailed the government of Japan for the support to Uganda over years since 1966 especially in the area of infrastructure development.

He said Japan has done good work in Uganda in the field of electricity, as far as new bridge across the River Nile is concerned, rehabilitation of some hospitals, infrastructure of roads in Kampala and also rehabilitation of northern Uganda after the insurgency.

“I now would like to encourage Japanese companies to come and invest in Africa. It is the best win-win approach. When those companies make money we also make money, they create jobs and produce products everybody gains,” he said.

The President said in the last 300 or so years when capitalism started developing, one of the crisis of capitalism was shortage of markets, mainly because of the depression in 1929.

“Even some of the recent crisis in global economy is over issue of markets. Africa is a huge continent with a growing population. Once it has transformed to middle class society, it will enhance consumption not only for our benefit but for benefit of the whole world. When you buy what I produce you are supporting me. When I buy what you are producing am supporting you. Therefore assisting Africa to enhance its purchasing power is not only in the interest Africa but in the interest of the whole world,” he said.


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