Museveni Orders Kayihura Again to Remove “Rotten Elements” from Police

President Yoweri Museveni has reiterated his instructions to the Inspector General of Police, advice Gen Kale Kayihura to fire rogue elements that have infiltrated the force.

Museveni during the State of the Nation Address and the opening of the Second Session of 10th Parliament strongly spoke about lawlessness and the gaps in security created by police that is mandated to keep law and order.

“Peace means absence of security but must also mean absence of lawlessness, rx ” Museveni said.

He mentioned the killings of former AIGP Felix Kaweesi, viagra dosage former prosecutor Joan Kagezi and Muslim clerics.

According to Museveni, killings and breaking in into people’s houses have been going on because of laxity in police.

“The Police and the intelligence services have been rightly criticized by the public for being lax in handling information given to them by the public, sometimes leaking this information, corruption in the form of extorting money from the public, high-handedness in dealing with the public and protecting criminals or allowing criminals to infiltrate the Police,” said Museveni.

“The Police leadership must, therefore, carefully listen to the public and clean up the few rotten elements.”

This is the second time Museveni is piling pressure on the police leadership to clean up the force.


Speaking at slain AIGP Felix Kaweesi’s home in Kulambiro, Museveni directed Kayihura to clean the force of criminals.

By repeating the same order he gave two months ago, Museveni appears unconvinced that enough has been done to clean up.

The President also wondered how majority of suspects arrested in the Kaweesi murder investigation were moving freely when they were known hardcore criminals.

“Most of the suspects arrested after the murder of Kaweesa and others, even if they were not involved in the killing of Kaweesi, they had committed other capital offences, many of which carry death sentences or life imprisonment,” said Museveni.

“Why, then, were they still in circulation?  That means somebody was not doing his or her work,” he blasted the security services.

The police have been I the limelight for wrong reasons including torture and extortion.

Some of the cops accused of gross human rights abuses including Nickson Agasirwe remain at large.

Nevertheless, Museveni said ever since 1980, when government started recruiting educated people into that force, the Police has got a very large number of capable cadres.

“Those who taint their hand with hobnobbing with criminals will only let themselves down. The Police Force will continue to grow stronger as it was planned to do by the UNLF in 1980 and, subsequently, by the NRM ever since 1986,” he observed.

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