Museveni Orders Attorney General to Look Into Kutesa New York Bribery Case, Insists “Uganda Will Investigate Itself”

President Yoweri Museveni has Monday confirmed he spoke to the Foreign Minister Hon Sam Kahamba Kutesa about the bribery case in a Court in New York City, in which he is implicated.

Museveni while addressing press at the President’s Office on corruption matters revealed that Mr Kuteesa approached him about the case late last week.

Kutesa is accused of receiving a $500000 bribe from a Former Hong Kong Home Affairs minister Patrick Ho, who needed to secure business dealings in Uganda in the transport sector, fishing, hydro-energy, banking and finance among others.

Mr Ho according to prosecutors also needed Kuteesa, who at the time was serving as the President of the United Nations General Assembly to help his organization get business openings in the UN.

Incidentally, President Yoweri Museveni is mentioned in the same case, to have allegedly received another $500000 from Ho, as well as the President Chad President Idriss Deby who alleged received $2million.

The Bribe to President Museveni was alleged packaged as a campaign donation when he was running for reelection in 2016.

The former Hong Kong Minister was last week found guilty by the New York Court.

Addressing these allegations today, Museveni said he had instructed the Ugandan concerned authorities to look into the allegations, stressing however, that Uganda would handle them as an independent nation.


When he questioned Minister Kutesa, President Museveni said he was told that the alleged money was meant for charity and not a bribe.

“Kutesa came to see me and I asked him. He told me that that money was for a charity,” Museveni said.

“Obviously it is a crime for him to get money from a foreign company. What for? That would be a bribe and he would be answerable.”

The President said he had since asked the Office of the Attorney General to substantiate Kutesa’s claims.

“This now is a question of fact. I have told him (Kutesa) to get in touch with the Attorney General, who should cross check if this money was indeed for the charity as he said or if it was for him.”

“If it was for charity, was it delivered to the charity? We are going to find out”

It is worth noting that officials from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who were investigating the case, traveled to Uganda and alleged that they found that Kuteesa’s alleged charity organization was in fact non-existent.

On the fate of Mr Kutesa, Museveni said the New York Court decision has no bearing on what happens to the Foreign Affairs Minister.

As to what happened in New York, here, we are in the in the Great Lakes, and we are going to investigate ourselves,” he added.




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