Museveni: Only Professionals will be Allowed to Sell Pesticides

Government through the Ministry of Agriculture is set to roll out tough guidelines for the pesticides market, sick President Museveni has revealed.

He said increased cases of fake pesticides on the market affects crop yields.

“You will forgive us when we stop unprofessional people dealing in drugs, order ” warned Museveni.

“It’s the line ministry responsible for drugs and giving out licenses to only a few qualified professionals.’’

Museveni made the remarks this weekend while speaking to farmers at Mbarara Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

ChimpReports understands fake pesticides have left hundreds of gardens and animal farms in ruins.

This has angered locals who claim government has not been doing enough to arrest the situation.

“If you find someone selling penicillin in the market, don’t you see there is a problem? Selling animal and crop chemicals will all be streamlined,’’ he cautioned.


Museveni made similar statements while meeting farmers in Kaberebere producing fruits for Agro Health products Uganda Limited factory in Isingiro district.

He said NRM brought peace but did not call for everyone to become a veterinary doctor.

“If NRM brought peace, it doesn’t mean it called upon every civilian to become a doctor; that was Amin’s regime where everyone had the right to do anything,’’ said Museveni.

He said people are only dealing in animal and crop chemicals to earn a living not to deliver a service.

“A trader goes to China and brings every drug let it be for animals or for crops; something for treatment should not be turned for business,’’ the president advised.

Museveni further urged farmers to adopt the solar irrigation system he introduced in the country to contain the dry spells.

“’We have brought in the solar water irrigation and started with Kandongo Rwamucucu in Kabale; so I urge those in the private sector to buy and install them because it’s tax-free.’

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