Museveni “Offended By Stella Nyanzi Posts”

Makerere University’s Dr Stella Nyanzi was today grilled at the Criminal Investigations Directorate Offices in Kibuli, order Kampala over her recent social media onslaught on the First Family.

The outspoken rights activist appeared this morning at the police offices flanked by a small group of supporters who also included, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke.

Earlier, a mild scuffle ensued between the supporters, news reporters and the police officers who insisted that these were unwelcome at the police offices.

Dr Nyanzi was grilled later on for a couple of hours and let go.

Speaking to reporters after the interrogation which was closed-door, Nyanzi revealed that she was told by the officers that her Facebook posts incensed the President.

Nyanzi recently attacked the First Lady after she told parliament that her (Education) Ministry was unable to secure funds to fulfill the president’s campaign promise of providing sanitary pads to school going children starting with the coming financial year.

The lecture in her posts was angry that Mrs Museveni and other powerful women in government leadership positions were not doing enough to stand with the poor and downtrodden women and young girls.

Nyazi told reporters today however, that she was unmoved by the President’s thoughts on her Facebook posts, noting that she is in her right to speak her heart on matters that pertain unprivileged groups.

“How can the President say that he was offended by my comments?” she wondered. “The President always offends me with his world; should he be summoned here as well and interrogated?”

Meanwhile, the Mukono MP Nambooze commended Dr Nyanzi’s courage to stand firm for her beliefs.

She also supported Nyanzi for often times employing dramatic stunts and vulgar words in her fight for equality, which Nambooze said at times is necessary.

“At first I asked myself why she was using such strong words, but then I realized that even in our culture, some people such as mothers of twins are allowed to use them; and after all Stella herself is a Nalongo,” said the MP.

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