MUSEVENI: NRM Has Best Strategies

Neighboring Rwandan President Paul Kagame has in a few but stern words expressed displeasure with recent comments from the United States ambassador to the United Nations, online calling for his resignation at the end of his term in 2017.

Ambassador Samantha Power this week made an unprecedented revelation that the world super power expected Kagame to set an example for the region and step down at the end of his second term in office next year.

“President Kagame has an opportunity to set an example for a region in which leaders seem too tempted to view themselves as indispensable to their own countries’ trajectories, drugs ” Power told reporters.

She was addressing a news conference on her plans as president of the United Nations Security Council for the month of December. She said the 15-nation council was discussing a possible visit to Rwanda’s neighbor Burundi this month, where there has been months of bloodshed.

“We really do expect President Kagame to follow through on the commitments that he has made many times in the past to allow the next generation of leaders to come forward,” she said. “We expect President Kagame to step down at the end of his term in 2017.”

Responding to a news article about the US call, Kagame said such comments were gradually pushing his country into making strong resolutions about cutting foreigners out of their internal politics.

He remarked in a singular tweet, “This adds to things that help reach a decision on resolving the complexity of the (Rwandan) politics by Rwandans!!!”

The President was backed by a number of his native followers who insisted that the country should be allowed to manage its internal matters and let its citizens determine their preferred leadership.


“I think the decision is in the hands of Rwandans. No external expertise or consultancy is needed,” read some of the responses.

Others went to the extremities of accusing the US of standing on the fence during the 1994 genocide in the country, before demanding that it redirects its vigor to the currently unstable neighboring Burundi.

Last month Rwanda’s Senate approved a draft constitution to allow President Kagame, in power since 2000, to seek a third term in office, clearing the path for a nationwide referendum that is not expected to face much opposition.

Ambasador Power said the United States was aware of the “parliamentary maneuverings” but noted that Kagame himself has not said what his intentions were regarding a possible third term in office.

Kagame has won widespread praise for rebuilding the landlocked country since a 1994 genocide killed about 800,000 people, most of them ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

President Yoweri Museveni has said the National Resistance Movement party has said the best strategies that have transformed the country ensuring a promising future for everyone.

The president while addressing thousands of his supporters at a campaign rally at Kaberamaido Township primary school in Kaberamaido district assured the people that with NRM still in power, look Uganda is in the safe hands of steady progress and sustainable stability.

The NRM presidential candidate maintained that a number of developments in various sectors have only been made possible using the country’s own resources because of wise deployment of prioritization.

“We (NRM) have been able achieve all the developments we have today because the party has the best strategies. We now have electricity in almost all districts, viagra approved roads and schools because of prioritization,” Museveni said.

The president blasted those who want to do everything at the same time as jokers who will never achieve beyond talking.

“In NRM we say being in everywhere at the same time is being nowhere. We tackle issues one by one and the system (prioritization) has yielded good results,” He said.

In 2000, he said, when the country was grappling with many challenges on almost all fronts from security, economy and social amenities, he summoned a special cabinet sitting in Gulu town that was under immense threat from the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The extraordinary sitting decided that the security sector should be prioritized first and 26 percent of budget allocation of 2000/2001 from all sectors was directed to defense ministry.

After security, he added, the country embarked on works, education and electricity that have achieved great developments and still remain the highest financed sectors in the country.

In the budget of financial year 2015/2016, the ministry of Works and Transport got the biggest allocation at Shs 3.3tn (13.9%), Energy and Mineral Development git 2.9tn (12%) and Education, Sports and Science and Technology sector got 2.3tn (9.7%).

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