Museveni Now Dresses Ugandan

President Yoweri Museveni today took the recently launched Buy Uganda Build Uganda campaign to a higher level, doctor revealing that he now puts clothes made entirely in Uganda.

As proof, here the president opened up his closet to the country, unveiling some of his locally made attire.

The President while speaking at the Presentation of this Financial Year’s National Budget, sought to drive home his now consistent message of discouragement of importation, by proving to the country that he buys Ugandan.

On top of a full Ugandan made UPDF uniform he donned uncharacteristically for the budget event, Museveni came along with a set clothes which included shirts, a hat, boots and sandals – all locally made.

“The only thing that is not locally made is this barrette, I don’t know why they haven’t started making it,” he said.

This (shirt) is 33% cotton from Uganda, 65% polyester which we are still getting from out but the labour is all Ugandan,” he explained.

The president sent the house into hearty laughter, claiming that he personally designed the jungle hat which he carried along.

Museveni said he personally designed his jungle hat
Museveni said he personally designed his jungle hat

“This one is even better; it was actually designed by me. Being a bush man and with the mosquitos biting the ears, and the neck, I designed it to protect me from the bites,” he said.


The President went on to explain his sandals. “These were made by a soldier, who I helped with Shs. 132 million to start this operation.”

He donated the pair of sandals to Arua Municipality MP, Maj Ibrahim Abiriga, who has made a name in dressing only in NRM (Yellow colours).

The president showing his locally made sandals
The president showing his locally made sandals

The shoe making project in Jinja according to the president however, is currently hampered by short supply of leather and being forced to import it expensively from Kenya.

He urged the industries minister Amelia Kyambadde to intervene and ensure increased production of leather.

“These children will invade the leather industry and liberate us from imports,” he said.

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