Museveni: Northern Region Positioned as Industrial Hub

Kenya’s national airline has sparked what is perceived as a huge security breach for U.S. President Barack Obama after circulating confidential information about the itinerary of the Air Force One.

Sky News reported that an official from Kenya Airways sent an email with the expected times for the presidential plane’s visit to Nairobi later this week.

The White House never publishes the 40 to 50-minute window in which Air Force One lands or takes off.

The email, erectile sent on 13 July to aviation officials around Kenya’s two major airports, pilule also gave dates and times for the closure of the airports, clinic the report said.

It read: “Jomo Kenyatta and Wilson will be closed as follows. This corresponds to the expected arrival and departure time for President Obama.”

According to Fox News, which did not release details of Obama’s itinerary, recipients included staff, aircraft operators and even flight schools at Wilson Airport in Nairobi.

The incident comes just a few hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta briefed the nation about his plans to host the world’s most powerful man.

“All I can say is that those who doubted the strength of the friendship between the two countries, or the depth of our engagement, had better re-examine their assumptions,” said Kenyatta at a press conference at State House on Tuesday.


“All I ask is that you give President Obama a hearty welcome when he visits our country.”

Kenyatta also warned against elements that may seek to sabotage Obama’s trip, saying they face consequences.

“Those among us who still hope to pervert public enterprise for private end, my administration has led the war against them; their corrupt schemes will fail,” he observed.

The President said Kenya has endured the attacks of depraved, ideological criminals and that his leadership has “fought them unrelentingly, and they know, as well as we do, that they will lose.”

Obama will be in Nairobi this weekend to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).

This is the first time the Summit has come to sub-Saharan Africa.

The US State Department has issued a travel alert to Kenya and has warned that the summit Barack Obama is set to attend this week on entrepreneurship is a likely terrorist target.

Mr Obama is expected to talk about the threat of extremism during his visit to the country where his father was born.

Kenya has been battling attacks by al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants from Somalia which have killed more than 400 people since October 2011 when the country sent troops to fight the extremists.

The country has been working closely with American security agencies to combat al Shabaab, which has been behind a number of fatal attacks in Kenya.

In September 2013, 67 people were killed after gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi.

Forty-eight people died in a series of gun attacks at a World Cup match screening and hotels, banks and a petrol station in Mpeketoni in June 2014.

Earlier this year, 147 people died after a gun attack on a university in the capital.
Lubaga Regional Police Commander, thumb Robert Omara has forced the DP Buganda group led by embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to vacate Pope Paul Memorial Hotel premises where they had converged to meet with the main stream party for reconciliation.

It is believed that the said meeting was to take place at the same venue yesterday, advice July 21 but it was cancelled since the main party executive had organized a National Executive Committee (NEC) in Entebbe.

Speaking to the media yesterday, page the reconciliation Committee Chairperson, Zaaka Olumu noted that the meeting wouldn’t continue since their funders (Internal Republican Institute) declined to fund two party events on the same date.

Olumu therefore advised the group to come back today for the final reconciliation meeting which police has not allowed taking place.

Omara said police was not informed of today’s meeting which is against the law.

We understand that Lukwago had already dispatched his group of 120 members who among others included Samuel Walter Lubega, DP Buganda Vice President Richard Ssebuliba and Kato Lubwama yet the group led by the party president Norbert Mao was nowhere to be seen.

However, an insider at DP headquarters told Chimp Reports that Mao could not waste his time meeting again with Lukwago’s group which has remained adamant through the previous meetings.

Mao noted yesterday, “The debate of postponing the delegates conference is now closed, I am tired of wasting time negotiating with idiots; we have been tolerant with Lukwago and it’s no more now.”

The disappointed Lukwago however told journalists that the group will not relent on their decision to break from the main stream party. He called upon public to join them as they launch their campaigns in Luweero on Friday, July 24.

The party is set for a delegate’s conference which will commence on July 23 to 26 in Katomi in which new office bearers shall be elected.

A total of over 1000 delegates are expected to begin arriving at the venue today.
President Museveni has said the electricity projected to be generated from Karuma dam will be three times the quantity currently being generated in Jinja and that this coupled with that which will be generated from Ayago and Murchison dams will create new cities and attract factories which will make the northern region the industrial hub of Uganda.

The President who is on a working visit in Northern Uganda was speaking at a grand rally held at the Apach Boma Grounds, viagra 40mg in Apach district.

The President is in the region to promote the Operation Wealth Creation campaign that aims at ensuring that each household has an income generating project.

The President said that Kapeka in Nakaseke District would be used to establish a motor vehicle assembly plant.

He assured the people that if the Turkish investors do not set up factories in Maruzi, he would throw them out.

While referring to the issue of investors who have taken up the Maruzi ranch, President Museveni said that Uganda must modernize and the ranch should be transformed into a city of factories that will create jobs for our children.

He suggested that Maruzi city should produce a number of products including motorcycles and was optimistic that this move would create a lot of employment.

The President said government plans to develop technical education with the main target of providing skills.

“Our children must get skills. That is why we are going to develop technical education. Every constituency will be enabled with a technical institute. Skills are very important in efforts to enable income generation,” he said giving examples of professional skills such as midwives, nurses, mechanics, metal works, carpentry, ceramics and Information Communication technology.

President Museveni said government has managed to construct several roads in various parts of the country including the Gulu –Atiak-Nimule road and revealed that it would soon embark on the construction of the Rwenkunyu- Masindi Port- Apac – Lira- kitgum road. He said they have also expanded the provision of electricity and maintaining peace and security.

“Today government collects Shs12,000 billion per annum which has enabled us to provide a wide range of essential services and facilities. More schools and health centers have been provided because the Government has got some income,” he said.

President Museveni urged the people particularly the youth to take care of their health and cautioned them against alcoholism. He called on them to take extra care against malaria infections.

He observed that indoor spraying and the use of treated mosquito nets would solve the challenge of malaria infections and directed the Health officials in Apac District to address the issue of malaria infections.

Soon after addressing the rally, Museveni received over 400 members of UPC and FDC led by prominent FDC leader Tom Oree who crossed over to the National Resistance Movement.

He later visited the cassava processing plant in Apac town and was received by the proprietor, Mr. Sam Opio Ocheng. He later laid the foundation stone of the new facility.

The Apac LC 5 Chairman Bob Okae thanked the NRM Government for extending health services in the district and revealed that operation wealth creation has proved to be an effective weapon against household poverty.

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