Museveni Names Groups to Receive Government Funding

President Yoweri Museveni has announced that at least 16 more groups will be receiving Government funding in addition to those that have been receiving funding through the youth fund, women fund, Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) among others.

Speaking to press yesterday, Museveni revealed that some of the proposed beneficiary groups include bodaboda riders, women entrepreneurs, carpenters, salon/ hair dressers, taxi operators, Restaurants, Welders, market vendors, youth leaders, persons with disabilities (PWDs), produce dealers, mechanics, tailors, media operators, musicians/ performing artists and fishermen.

The above groups, he says, will be required to form Saccos.

“Each one will get a Sacco in each district and all people dealing in that activity in that district are expected to join. Government will contribute for each Sacco,” he said.

“Another Fund is for elected leaders because these people are chased away when they go for OWC that they are leaders. So we shall create a Sacco for them as well.”

All this according to Museveni, is being done in an effort to fight underdevelopment which has led to under consumption that undermines Uganda’s prosperity.

The president challenged Ugandan Youth and Women to get involved in manufacturing of most of the imported products like leather, clothes among others.

“Most of these things we can do here. All Youth who are not doing much, women go to industries and produce sweaters, ceramics, work on hides so that we don’t import leather” he added.


He also said that Uganda will begin making starch so that some companies like Quality Chemicals in Luzira that import expensive starch from India to use in manufacturing of tablets can buy one made locally.

Talking Agriculture Museveni challenged residents of urban areas of Kampala and Wakiso who say that they don’t enough land for Agriculture to do urban farming.

“For small scale, concentrate on those that can be done on small areas but profitable for example coffee, fruits, zero grazing cows, poultry for eggs, piggery and fish farming. If we all do that, we will get involved in money making”

On Tourism, Museveni noted that Uganda receives 1.4 million tourists per year and called on stakeholders involved in tourism industry to advertise Uganda more to inflate the numbers of tourists.


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