Museveni Moves Weekly Cabinet Sittings from Wednesdays to Fridays

President Yoweri Museveni has agreed with cabinet to reschedule cabinet sitting from Wednesdays to Fridays to ease work for Ministers in Parliament.

The proposal to have the sittings rescheduled was approved by the cabinet in the meeting held today at State House in Entebbe, chaired by President Museveni.

The Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa confirmed the cabinet resolution while contacted at parliament.

Nankabirwa said that Ministers have been finding it difficult to run both parliament and cabinet on the same day, making them late for parliament business, which in most cases requires their presence to respond to issues raised by MPs.

She said that this new development will enable ministers to be available in parliament and avoid the excuses of being in cabinet.

“We shall be sitting on Friday and I hope that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon will strictly be left to Parliament to transact their business and I expect Ministers to also be in attendance so that we work together with Parliament,” Nankabirwa said.

Last week, Parliament amended the rules of procedure to reschedule Prime Minister’s Question Time from Wednesday to Thursday to ensure effectiveness of the session.

This was in a motion moved by Nankabirwa with justification that the Prime Minister would find it hard making it to Parliament after a cabinet sitting.

The opposition chief whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda had wanted parliament to reject the proposal to shift the prime minister’s question time to Thursday, questioning why the President doesn’t use his office near parliament to hold cabinet meetings.

“I find the justification of the request by the Chief whip so casual; this Parliament appropriates money every year for the office of the president and his residences. Suppose he takes you to Rwakitura, we may then say that we have the Prime Minister’s question time once in a year,” Nganda said.

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