Museveni Meets Leaders Of Bunyoro, Warns Against Corruption

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the National Resistance Movement Government has managed to revamp the Ugandan economy from a collapsed state to a positive growing status that it is today because of prioritizing and working on crucial areas of development.

He said that it is not possible for the country to undertake government development programs all at the same time the reason why the policy of prioritizing has paid off handsomely.

President Yoweri Museveni interacts with some of Bunyoro’s political and cultural leaders after a meeting at State House Entebbe yesterday Thursday Nov 22, 2018

While meeting Bunyoro Sub-Region’s political, religious, cultural and opinion leaders at State House Entebbe yesterday, the President noted that due to competing development programmes and limited resources, the government is not able to undertake all programs simultaneously.

He stressed to all leaders the need to take time off and explain this issue to the population and stop politicizing Government’s development programs.



Bunyoro Sub-Region comprises of districts of Hoima, Masindi, Kiryandongo, Buliisa and Kibaale.

President Museveni informed the delegation that the Movement Government has, since 2006, devoted a big fraction of the national budget to the development of roads, energy, health, education and defence.


He added that the policy has seen the country register improvement in the road-network with border to border tarmac roads, solved the issue of power load shedding, guaranteed security of the country and improved the education and health sectors.

Mr. Museveni, however, observed that the country could save wastage of government resources and do more of what it is doing if only corruption was curbed, unnecessary foreign travel by government officials was limited and the continued for salary increment by Civil Servants was halted.

On the reported land grabbing and eviction of bibanja holders in Bunyoro sub-region, the President said the law that protects bibanja holders of customary land ownership is in place adding that government needed to legislate and operationalize that law to enable customary land owners acquire legal land-ownership certificates.

He urged the leaders in Bunyoro Sub-Region to stop politicizing issues related to land especially between the indigenous Banyoro and immigrants because it is very dangerous and affects harmonious relations among Ugandans.

He urged Movement leaders to always champion the truth and honesty adding that it was lies and dishonesty that greatly contributed to the collapse of many past governments in Uganda.

On environment, the President warned those who have invaded government forestry reserves, wetlands and ranches to leave them immediately.

He warned that failure to comply will leave government with no choice but to forcefully evict them.

Mr. Museveni further urged Bunyoro Sub-Region leaders to encourage the people they lead to embrace Operation Wealth Creation programme and work to get out of household poverty.

He said that politicians, religious leaders and cultural institutions would have reduced pressure when wananchi have sources of household income and rich.

President Museveni described as criminal the reported misappropriation and selling of Bunyoro Kingdom assets adding anyone found involved must be held personally responsible and face the long arm of the law.

Bunyoro Sub-Region leaders, including Prime Minister, Mr. Andrew Byakutaaga, Ministers, MPs, religious, youth and opinion leaders attended the meeting.



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