Museveni Life in Danger

President Museveni has once again put his life in danger by not wearing a safety seat belt, visit this http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-349a2211cc38af2119141cd444599367.php Chimp Corps report.

While driving in the same car with NRM Youth members including Northern Region leader, store http://cfsk.org/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/classes/em-event-post.php Omodo Omodo in Kisozi, Museveni is seen in the driver’s seat without a seat belt.

Museveni was also driving with one hand.

While in the flat lands of Kisozi, Museveni usually drives through his ranch and occasionally makes abrupt stopovers to greet locals.

Chimpreports today publishes pictures showing Museveni driving his sleek presidential VX Land Cruiser Brand Car without wearing a seat belt.

Recently the Uganda Police Traffic boss, Lawrence Nuwabiine, told journalists in Kampala that failure to wear a seat belt contributes to more fatalities than any other single traffic safety-related behaviour.

He added 63 percent of people killed in accidents are not wearing seat belts, raising fears about the safety of the head-of-state.

The President’s publicist Tamale Mirundi was not readily available for comment.

Museveni driving around Kisozi with Omodo Omodo on Monday
Museveni driving around Kisozi with Omodo Omodo on Monday

Museveni allergic to seat belts?

This is the third time in three years that Museveni is being caught not wearing the safety belt. A few years ago, he was spotted without the strap as he drove in Rwakitura, Kiruhuura District.

Interestingly, it’s President Museveni who directed the enactment of a traffic law to enforce use of seat belts in vehicles following the death of Attorney General Francis Ayume in a road accident.

“All Ugandans, make sure you move in a car with seat belts. Make it a law. Ayume was thrown out of the vehicle in the course of the accident but I don’t know whether he was wearing a seat belt. But I heard that former MP for Madi Okolo county Anthony Butele, who survived the accident, had put on a seat belt,” Museveni told mourners at Ayume’s state burial at Amadunga Church in Koboko, Arua district in May 2004.

The deadly accident occurred on May 16 2004 at Kyankonwa, Nakasongola district.

Following Museveni’s statement, government came out strongly on the use of seat belts, with police directing that everyone travelling in a vehicle must wear one.

Omodo initially belonged to Amama Mbabazi's camp before switching to Museveni's wing
Omodo initially belonged to Amama Mbabazi’s camp before switching to Museveni’s wing

Then Trade and Transport Minister John Nasasira made it mandatory for drivers and their passengers to wear safety belts in accordance with the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998.

The statute defines the straps as “a belt that is attached to a seat in a vehicle and which can be fastened around a passenger and a driver for safety purposes.”

Flouting this rule attracts a fine raging between Shs400, 000 and Shs 800,000, or imprisonment not exceeding three months, or both. A passenger is liable to a fine of Shs 20,000, or imprisonment not exceeding one month, or both.

However, the crackdown on passengers or drivers not wearing seat belts later fizzled out.

Some high profile individuals who have lost their lives in road accidents include Jay Tanna (Ex-Youth MP, Eastern Uganda,), Gad Wilson Toko (former minister), Pastor Deo Balabyekubo (prominent preacher), Kamana Wesonga (Former Bubulo West MP) and Prisca Mashengyero Thembo, the wife of Information Technology State Minister, George William Thembo Nyombi among others.

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