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Museveni Lawyers Blast Mbabazi

President Museveni’s lawyers have punched holes in Hon Amama Mbabazi’s submission to the Electoral Commission seeking the cancellation of the NRM party leader’s nomination, what is ed http://creativecommons.org/wordpress/wp-includes/class-wp-widget.php saying the exercise is yet to pass.

Hussein Rugaba Kashillingi, unhealthy http://cousinscandy.net/media/widgetkit/widgets/slideset/layouts/edit.php one of the President’s lawyers, said in a brief statement on Thursday that “this hullabaloo by Amama Mbabazi acting through his lawyers is without legal basis because nominations by the Electoral Commission haven’t taken place.”

Mbabazi’s representatives led by Fred Muwema and Severino Twinobusingye said in a letter to EC on Wednesday that, “NRM has not yet elected its presidential flag-bearer for the 2016 presidential elections,” adding, “It is therefore goes without saying that NRM could not have legally collected nomination papers, let alone soliciting for signatures to support a non-existing flag bearer.”

The lawyers further demanded an undertaking that the “Commission shall not extend the electoral timetable again so as to scrutinise irregularities committed by the NRM party.”

Museveni was recently declared NRM’s unopposed flag-bearer in the 2016 elections by the party’s EC chairperson Dr Tanga Odoi.

This followed an endorsement by NRM Central Executive Committee and NEC.

Kashillingi speaks out

In response to Mbabazi’s lawyers, Kashillingi said there are no Presidential candidates as of now and that “We only have Presidential aspirants.”


He said there will be candidates after being nominated by the Electoral Commission, emphasising NRM will present a candidate to the electoral body on November 3.

“What we did present and indeed other presidential aspirants were only signatures. There are no candidates at this point. Only aspirants. You become a candidate after nominations by EC,” he added.

Earlier, lawyer Kiwanuka Kiryowa asserted that challenging a nomination exercise which is yet to take place was superfluous.

However, Mbabazi’s legal representatives argued that for Museveni’s candidature to hold ground, it needs the endorsement of the NRM Delegates Conference.

On his part, Kashillingi admitted that the NRM Constitution provides that the Presidential flag-bearer is elected by National Conference from candidates approved by NEC and CEC.

He, however, cited Regulation 19 which states that “when only one Candidate is nominated, he/she is deemed duly elected as flag-bearer.”

Kashillingi said the “regulations are made under powers given in the Constitution, that’s to say, powers for NRM EC to make electoral regulations with CEC approval, which was duly done.”

Regarding EC’s decision to provide the certificate of compliance to President Museveni and other aspirants, Kashillingi said the electoral body was confirming that the presidential hopefuls fulfilled the requirement of filing 100 signatures from the two thirds of districts across the country.

“It’s for convenience of the EC so they are not overwhelmed on nomination day. In the premises, this hullabaloo by Mbabazi acting through his lawyers is without legal basis because Nominations by IEC haven’t taken place,” said Kashillingi.

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