Museveni Launches New Muslim Book

President Yoweri Museveni has launched a new book entitled ‘Achievements of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to the Muslim Community’ written by sheikh Sulaiman Guggwa, the Kampala Regional Khadi . The ceremony took place today in Kasangati, Gayaza Wakiso District.

The President, who was the chief guest at the function, received thanksgiving prayers led by the Deputy Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Abudallah Semambo, thanking God for the President’s family and the security in the country.

president Museveni meeting Muslim community in Kasangati, Gayaza Wakiso District after launching a book  written by sheikh Sulaiman Guggwa

Mr. Museveni congratulated Sheik Guggwa upon the successful authorship of the book that highlights the achievements of NRM and also offered Shs 100 million to the Imam Council Fund.

“When you hear a person of 50 years and above being ungrateful, it is like he is not aware that this country got freedom through the blood and sweat of people,” he said.

President Museveni arriving in Kasangati for the launch of his new Muslim book written by sheikh Sulaiman Guggwa

To the youths who were present at the function, President Museveni urged them to check on their leaders and see to it that the leaders were supporting their interests and those of the rural people.

He noted that it was only through prioritization that the youths would be able to create jobs for themselves.

“The Members of Parliament should start thinking of developing the youths instead of thinking about salary increment, external trips and creation of new districts which is a waste of money,” he advised.

He reiterated that one of the reasons why the interests of the youths were not being taken care of and some were still poor, was because of voting leaders of the opposition like Bobi Wine and Ssemujju Nganda.

Museveni meeting a number of youth groups in the central region

“When you put a stone in water, it will not dissolve. The opposition you attached yourself to, is a stone that cannot dissolve. NRM has since been the salt that can dissolve in water,” he said.

He also advised the youths in Wakiso District to form SACCOs of people with similar skills so that he would be able to financially support them just like he has done with the Kasanda Boys’ group.

He also informed the youths that he was planning to establish a skin and hide industry that would not only make most of them employed but also stop importing those products that they can make at home such as shoes and paper. He hailed the youths for refraining from disorganizing activities.

The President further assured the youths that nobody can destabilize the peace of Uganda adding that they must work hard and create jobs since the environment for the country is conducive.

President Museveni talking to children by the roadside in in Kasangati, Gayaza Wakiso District.

“If you are tired of your life, try disturbing the peace of Uganda,” he said. He cautioned entertainers to stop acting as if there is no peace in Uganda.

Mr. Museveni hailed the RDC of Wakiso for being active and working hand in hand with wanaichi.

President Museveni received a rabbit and shoes from the Ghetto youths of Kyadondo that they had made from their own shoe-making workshop.

During the ceremony the Present received over 500 converts DP to NRM.


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