Museveni Launches Construction of Modern Abattoir

President Museveni has laid a foundation stone for the construction of an abattoir to be built to international standards, visit web Chimp Corps report.

This occurred Saturday while Museveni was presiding over celebrations to mark the 94th International Day of Co-operatives at Butalango, purchase Nakaseke District.

“With this abattoir, symptoms Uganda will be able to export beef especially to the Middle East,” said Museveni.

“This initiative offers farmers and cattle keepers especially in the Luweero area, an opportunity to create wealth and jobs,” he added.

The President urged political leaders to organise farmers so that they supply the abattoir with cattle for slaughter, and create linkages for by-products like hides and horns.

Commercial beef production has been low in Uganda due to subsistence farming and less government intervention.

Researchers have been calling for government intervention in regulating feed utilization.

About 90 percent of the feeds like sugar molasses; maize bran, rice and maize bran now are exported to due to poor utilization in Uganda.


Museveni recently said the ranchers and the country will be well served by the State helping to buy and concentrate young bulls for fattening so as to feed the new abattoirs that have been built in the country.


One abattoir needs 400 cows per day.

Museveni revealed he currently sells only 1,000 cows per year.

“There is a clear need here to re-organize the agro-industrial sector.  By establishing feed lots, I can rear for you 100,000 cattle for slaughter per annum.  However, in the short run, the quick solution is for the Government, through its agencies, to buy young bulls from farmers, fatten them and maintain a ready supply to the abattoirs as the farmers are assisted to industrialize their farming and move away from relying only on free-range farming (ente kusetuka),” he added in the state of the nation address.

“Otherwise, with a national herd of 14 million cattle today, it is not a problem supplying a number of abattoirs each requiring about 146,000 cattle per year.  It is simply the organization.  This is where Government actions are required.”

Museveni yesterday thanked the government of Norway for supporting the Meat Producers Association in constructing the abattoir and offering training.

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