Museveni, Kagame Agree on Border Opening

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda have agreed on the parameters for the reopening of the Katuna/Gatuna border, which has been closed for the last one year.

The two leaders reached an agreement on this matter during a quadripartite meeting held today Friday at the border.

The meeting was facilitated by the Presidents of Angola João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço and Félix Tshisekedi of DR Congo

The border opening, the leaders agreed, will follow within the next two weeks, after Uganda has completed investigations and verification of the allegations of activities by Rwandan dissidents operating within the Ugandan territory.

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President Museveni, the statement says, committed to fast track these allegations within the next one month.

“The summit recommended that the Republic of Uganda should, within the next one month verify the allegations of the Republic of Rwanda about actions in its territory by forces hostile to the government of Rwanda,” the statement reads.

“If these allegations are approved, the government of Uganda will take all measures to stop it and prevent it from happening again.”

Rwandan has long accused Uganda of hosting and supporting the rebel group RNC, which has been fighting to overthrow President Paul Kagame’s government.


In today’s meeting, the leaders agreed that an investigation should be conducted to verify the claims.

“These actions must be verified and confirmed by the ad hoc ministerial committee.”

“After this, the facilitators will reconvene within15 days in Katuna, for the solemn reopening of the border and subsequent normalization of the relations.”

While today’s agreement shines a ray of hope on the potential end diplomatic tensions between Uganda and Rwanda, which have had gripping outcomes on both economies; it is will be an unwelcome prolongation of the months of travail amongst especially the local traders on both sides of the border, that have been hard hit by the border closure.

Many such traders leading up to today’s meeting, were hoping for an immediate opening of the border.

Meanwhile, during the Friday meeting, all leaders welcomed the recent release of prisoners by Rwanda and Uganda.

At the event, Uganda and Rwanda leaders signed an extradition treaty, “which constitutes the legal framework to handle cases of justice including those relating to alleged subversive activities practices by their nationals in the territories of other party”

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