Museveni: I’ve Never Told Any NRM Supporter to Beat Besigye’s People

Museveni in a group photo with NRM leaders from Kayunga at State House Entebbe on Monday

President Museveni has called upon National Resistance Movement (NRM) local leaders in Kayunga district to forgive each other following accusations of political violence from both Movement supporters of Hon. Idah Erios Nantaba (Kayunga district Women MP) and the district LC5 Chairman, Mr. Moses Karangwa during the recent Age Limit Bill consultations.

The President was this week addressing a meeting of over 200 Kayunga leaders at State House, Entebbe.

“Don’t beat each other. Just don’t support. Have you ever heard any violence done at my rally? If I fought all those who oppose me, where would Uganda be? Me, I am focusing on building more roads, you…you are on other things of Karangwa and Nantaba… you are lost,” said Mr. Museveni.

The two factions recently clashed at rallies in Kayunga over the proposed constitutional amendment bill.

President Museveni, who is also the National Chairperson of NRM, advised them to stop escalating trivial matters and focus on developing their area in particular and the country in general.

He observed that while they still have a lot to learn about leadership, they have also to think of how best they could serve the people of their constituencies in their respective positions and how to encourage wananchi create household wealth.

“Leadership has become war to you and has made you forget all the important things. In 1987, after the bush war, I bought land in Kisozi because I saw wealth there even if the population there was small. Cows don’t eat tarmac but grass. I am a rich man now,” he said.

The President reminded the delegation that Uganda has had peace and freedom for years adding that nobody has a right to take away this peace from the people or threaten their right of voting whomever they wanted.

“You are the ones who make yourselves lose this peace because Kony was chased years ago. I have never told any NRM supporter to beat Besigye people and I cannot. If one of my supporters lost his tooth in a fight, who will put it back? Nantaba and Karangwa should stop inciting you to violence,” he stressed.

The President has previously been criticised for allowing security organs to disperse protests held by opposition leaders including FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye.

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