Museveni Is Playing Mind Games – Gen Muntu

Building up to the 2016 general elections,  President of the Forum Democratic Change [FDC] Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu has accused NRM’s President Yoweri Museveni of using psychological games to confuse the Ugandan electorate.

Gen Muntu told hundreds of supporters at a rally in Kawempe yesterday, that President Museveni latest recourse ahead of the general elections was,  playing mind games and depicting himself as untouchable.

Muntu was speaking in light of Museveni’s vastly publicized comments at one of his rallies in Kabale district recently, in which he reportedly vowed not to relinquish his position as president to his current challengers in the opposition.

The president further noted that with the National Army at his disposal, he would not let the muddled and unruly opposition leaders, whom he also referred to as “wolves,” to take over government

At a public rally organized by the FDC Kampala Chapter in Kawempe division yesterday, Gen. Muntu said that no President worth the title would refer to his colleagues as wolves.

“My only prayer is that Museveni lives long enough to witness the fact that power does not belong to him but rather to Ugandans,” said Muntu.

He added, “This is psychological warfare, to make Ugandans lose hope and think that he is everything and is going nowhere.,”

Muntu went on and assured all Ugandans that President Museveni would soon be history, but added that everyone ought to pray that his exit remains peaceful.


“We shall take the game he is playing to his own doorstep and he will have to exit,” stressed the General.

Meanwhile Ndorwa West P Wilfred Niwagaba, whom the president fiercely attacked during his Kabale tour, has hit back, describing Museveni’s remarks as sheer blackmail.

Museveni reportedly asked the People of Ndorwa to politically punish Niwagaba –an NRM MP–, for frustrating government programs, and standing against his own party positions.

While speaking to our reporter, yesterday, Niwagaba said that instead of resorting   to blaming him and the other self-styled rebel MPs, the president should tell the voters the truth why he hasn’t developed the country after three decades in office.

Niwagaba termed Museveni’s remarks as mere threats and which would not scare him or any of the rebel MPS, all of whom he added, were determined to see the president out of  State House come 2016.


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